• Norman Armour, artistic & executive director, PuSh Festival

    Artistic & Executive Director (ext 101)

    Norman Armour is the Artistic & Executive director of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. He is the co-founder of the PuSh Festival, as well Rumble Productions, an interdisciplinary theatre company that continues to be a mainstay Vancouver’s independent theatre scene. Since graduating from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts in 1986, he has collaborated on over 120 works for the stage and other media. His career includes producer, director, actor and producer, covering a range of creative interests: devised works and new writing for the stage; contemporary and classical adaptations; site-specific endeavours; large-scale interdisciplinary events; dance/theatre collaborations; and live-remote radio broadcasts. You can catch him on the odd rerun of X Files, as well as films such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Capote. He recently directed the premiere of Pauline, an opera by Tobin Stokes and Margaret Atwood on the life and art of Métis poet Pauline Johnson.

  • Roxanne Duncan, Managing Director, PuSh Festival

    Managing Director (ext 102)

    At PuSh I’m the Managing Director – so I do bits of everything.

    Before PuSh I guess my first step toward PuSh came in 2005 when I worked at Aurora Nova (Edinburgh Fringe), which introduced me to the kind of creation-based, hybrid performance that really inspires me, and that my career would ultimately follow. After Edinburgh, I moved to Toronto where I worked with a range of remarkable companies including Volcano, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Dreamwalker Dance, Soulpepper, Why Not Theatre, and Company Theatre. This eventually led me to The Theatre Centre, where I worked on the $6.2 million creation of its new home.

    Outside of PuSh These days I’m working on settling into my new city. So, when I’m not staring agape at the crazy-epic-beauty of Vancouver’s surroundings, I’m sampling the city’s best food, coffee, cocktails, and bike rides. I’m a semi-professional tourist, and I love it!

  • Jocelyn Macdougall, Development Director, PuSh Festival

    Development Director (ext 202)

    What do you do at PuSh? I am the Development Director. I like to think of myself as a matchmaker, spending my time making love connections between the amazing philanthropic individuals and organizations in our city and the groundbreaking work PuSh does each year in the arts and culture community.

    How did you arrive to PuSh? I came to PuSh just at the moment when I was ready for them and they were ready for me. Together we have grown and evolved, and I remain so grateful that I got in when I did!

    What do you do outside of PuSh? What don’t I do!!?? But seriously, I sing in a killer band called Queer As Funk, I perform in amateur musical theatre, I sit on the board of a tremendous theatre company called Zee Zee Theatre, and I see as much as I can of the unbelievable performing arts our talented Vancouver community has to offer!

  • Bonnie Sun, Communications Manger, PuSh Festival

    Communications Manager (ext 201)

    What do you do at PuSh? Work with a great team to get the word out about PuSh’s vision, programming and activities; make sure the public knows who we are, and what we do.

    How did you arrive to PuSh? Through a winding path that started as a French teacher in Alberta and contemporary dance enthusiast/manager in BC, arriving at PuSh with a little encouragement to try out for the most rewarding and challenging job I’ve ever had.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? Eat, drink, socialize (almost always around the performing arts).

  • PuSh

    Audience Services Manager (ext 200)

  • Joyce Rosario, associate curator, PuSh Festival

    Associate Curator (ext 103)

    What do you do at PuSh? I’m the associate curator here at PuSh. I work with Norman on all aspects of programming: seeing work, choosing shows, developing partnerships (local, national, and international), staying in touch with artists and following what they are working on, lots and lots of travelling. At the moment, we’re already in the thick of planning for 2016.

    How did you arrive to PuSh? 10 plus years working in the performing arts: programming a bunch of dance series around Vancouver and working with some of the best choreographers in town, taking contemporary dance outside of urban centres and into towns all over BC, cutting my teeth as an arts manager with these two provocateurs. Brief stint at the longest running dance festival in Canada. Curating this and that. This board and that board.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? Spend time with all the people I miss when I’m travelling!

  • Christopher Gauthier, Operations Coordinator, PuSh Festival

    Operations Manager (ext 104)

    What do you do at PuSh? I’m the Operations Coordinator. I’m sort of a “jack of all trades” here. Financial reconciliation, stats reporting, Board liaison, and just when I think I’ve got it, there’s something else! It’s never boring.

    How did you arrive to PuSh? I was born in Toronto and nurtured carefully in Canada, USA, England and France. Following careers in Food & Beverage, Retail, etc. I “self-transplanted” to Vancouver in 2007 where I attended Studio 58/Langara College and then began a career in design and theatre administration – with prior gigs at Bard on the Beach, the Arts Club, Vancouver Playhouse, Queer Arts Festival. (I bike to work when I can.)

    What do you do outside of PuSh? As a set and costume designer I’ve a special fondness for Shakespeare and design jobs with teaching or student involvement elements which show me regularly how important the arts are in all our lives.

  • Jo Shin headshot

    Communications Associate (ext 106)

    At PuSh I am the Communications Associate, which means I use up most of the Festival’s internet bandwidth for things like the website, email campaigns, and social media. In fact, if you tweet @PuShFestival, I’ve probably responded to you, sometimes with subtle 90s pop cultural references.

    Before PuSh I was a web developer and designer, and saw the opportunity to combine my love of the arts, community and travel through international festivals. I’ve worked with the likes of Sydney Film Festival, Reykjavik Fashion Festival, and the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. I have a Bachelor of Digital Media from the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia), as well as having completed my International Business Internship in New York City with UBS, a global financial services firm.

    Outside of PuSh Jo can be found exploring Scout Magazine’s recommendations of Vancouver’s gastronomic scene, to take arty photos of food on her phone; tinkering with the newest technology for funsies research; and sits on the Board of Directors for Megaphone Magazine.

  • Katie Koncan, Individual Givings Coordinator, PuSh Festival

    Individual Giving Coordinator (ext 206)

    What do you do at PuSh? I’m the Individual Giving Coordinator; my days include fundraising, database wizardry, statistics, and research. If you’ve ever come to a PuSh fundraising event, you can bet that I’ve googled you. I just love our supporters and want to know about you!

    How did you arrive to PuSh? I began fundraising as a student caller/fundraiser while studying at SFU. When I was first hired at PuSh part-time, I was also working part-time in membership at the Vancouver Art Gallery – I would run between both jobs everyday. I arrived at PuSh full of coffee and eager to learn. That has not changed, though I’m with PuSh full-time now.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? I watch a lot of Netflix, and spend a lot of time taming and straightening my naturally very curly hair.

  • Linnea Strom, Accessible PuSh Coordinator, PuSh Festival

    Accessible PuSh Coordinator

    What do you do at PuSh? Lil ol’ me is the Accessible PuSh coordinator and I work hard to make sure the festival is as accessible to as many folks as possible. We like to share the goodness around here.

    How did you arrive to PuSh? Through the fates, hard work, and a sprinkle of fairy dust.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? Aside from PuSh I work with QMUNITY creating a friendly visitor program linking LGBTQ elders into our community and work as a visual artist with a penchant for collaborative work. I’m also a mom to teenagers and the world’s cuddliest dog.

  • Vanessa Baylen, Audience Services Associate, PuSh Festival

    Audience Services Associate

    What do you do at PuSh? I am one of the go-to people at PuSh for all your ticketing needs. I massage the systems (and bend them to my will), keep the database up to date, and try to keep our patrons smiling. If so inclined, Passholders should know my preferred bribes include good chocolate and cuddles with fluffy animals.

    How did you arrive at PuSh? I could attribute my arrival to a cross-Canada road trip, or nine years of box office and festival expertise from four disparate countries. In either case, I’m new to PuSh and new to Vancouver.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? In my ‘other’ life, I’m known for creating/directing/producing interactive events, travelling the world with my pets and hubby, and being impressively unskilled in the kitchen.

  • Marijka Asbeek-Brusse, Artist Services Manager, PuSh Festival

    Artist Services Manager (ext 118)

    What do you do at PuSh? Mostly I answer emails and create spreadsheets. As the Artist Services Manager I help our artists with everything from tax paperwork to flight bookings to local recommendations and way-finding. It’s much more glamorous than I’m making it sound.

    How did you arrive to PuSh? I landed at PuSh in 2011 by the long and winding road of festival freelancing, and because of DK, PuSh’s inimitable Production Manager.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? I have a similar job at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, and I run artist transportation at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. I also teach stage management for UBC’s Department of Theatre and Film, and in all my spare time I freelance as a theatre, opera and dance stage manager and assistant stage manager. Immediately following PuSh 2015 I’ll be working on Die Fledermaus with Vancouver Opera.

  • PuSh

    Artist Services Coordinator

  • PuSh

    Hospitality Coordinator

    What do you do at PuSh? I am the hospitality and events coordinator. My job it to help celebrate the passion, creativity and talent of people and their work from around the world. I get to plan celebrations for what I love most. I get to help make sure that traveling artists feel welcome and ready to share their energy and expressive passion with our Push Festival patrons.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? When not taking care of passionate, expressive people and creating fun times and celebrations, I take care of passionate expressive people that happen to be shorter than me, which means usually under the age of 12. Encourage and inspire that creative, expressive self in everyone I meet.

  • Alba Calvo, volunteer coordinator, PuSh Festival

    Volunteer Coordinator (ext 113)

    What do you do at PuSh? I’m the Volunteer Coordinator.

    How did you arrive to PuSh? I volunteered for PuSh in 2012 and I fell in love with the festival instantly.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? I’m a stage manager, and I take pictures as if it were the last day on earth.

  • Emily Neumann, Associate Producer Intern, PuSh Festival

    Associate Producer, Intern

    What do you do at PuSh? I am the Associate Producer Intern. My main project is Le Grand Continental by Sylvain Emard, for which I am producing stage manager. Additionally, I work alongside other people to help with distribution and to coordinate volunteers, and will take on additional responsibilities for Cinema Imaginaire by Lotte Van De Berg and Fare Thee Well by Dries Verhoeven.

    How did you arrive to PuSh? I recently graduated from the theatre program at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts. My main focus at SFU was stage management; however, I also enjoyed design (set, lighting, and costume), directing, and being head of publicity for several dance and theatre shows.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? I partake in a variety of self-proclaimed “nerdy” activities, such as performance-crawling, drinking lots of tea, and throwing dance parties of one.

  • Dave Deveau, Youth Program Coordinator, PuSh Festival

    Youth Program Coordinator

    What do you do at PuSh? I am the Youth Program Coordinator, facilitating the Youth Academy and Young Ambassadors programs and helping manage the Youth Passport. I also curate Human Library.

    How did you arrive to PuSh? Our incredible and unstoppable Executive & Artistic Director Norman Armour recruited me in 2010 to facilitate a program called Great Beginnings for which I hired, trained and managed a team of residents from the Downtown Eastside to work as production assistants on a variety of PuSh shows. I then started curating Human Library in 2013, and am happy to see the project returning for its third festival.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? Outside of PuSh I work as a playwright (my plays include Lowest Common Denominator and My Funny Valentine), write extensively for Green Thumb Theatre, am the Associate Producer of Zee Zee Theatre , and as my drag alter-ego am known as The Baddest Bitch Peach Cobblah (as seen last year at Club PuSh in Tucked & Plucked).

  • Ellie O'Day, publicist, PuSh Festival

    Publicist (604.731.3339)

    What do you do at PuSh? I’ve been publicist for the PuSh Festival since it was a little bambino.

    How did you arrive at PuSh? Before that, I had been publicist for Norman Armour at Rumble Productions, and eventually publicist for about eight or nine theatre and dance companies in Vancouver.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? Along with PuSh, I’ve worked for several festivals in Vancouver – Vancouver International Film Festival, Children’s Festival, Carnaval, Bhangra Festival, Sound of Dragon Music Festival and others. My university degree was in cultural anthropology, and I thrive on living in such a multicultural city, which is reflected in the arts and cultural landscape. Working with our visiting artists at PuSh is like a whirlwind trip around the world.

  • Teresa Trovato, Assistant Publicist, PuSh Festival

    Assistant Publicist

    What do you do at PuSh? Hello!  I’m the Assistant Publicist for the 2015 PuSh Festival and was introduced to the festival by PuSh Publicist, mentor and friend Ellie O’Day.

    How did you arrive at PuSh? I’ve been in Media and Artist Relations for the past fifteen years and have worked as a Publicist for Pemberton Music Festival, Diwali Fest, Global ComedyFest Vancouver, CCMA Awards, Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Universal Music and numerous local independent artists.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? Fun fact – I dabbled in stand-up comedy from 2009-2011.

  • David Kerr (DK), production manager, PuSh Festival

    Production Manager (ext 111)

    What do you do at PuSh? I’ve been with PuSh since almost the beginning and what I do there is open for debate. Some might say I make everything work from a technical perspective, some say I’m the party barometer and others that I’m the calm at the eye of the storm.  Me, I say I’m smart enough to put a team together that makes me look good.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? The same is true at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. And did I mention I like live music and burlesque?

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    Head Technical Director

  • PuSh

    Venue Technical Director

  • PuSh

    Production Assistant

  • PuSh

    Club PuSh Curator

  • PuSh

    Club PuSh Curator

  • PuSh

    Club PuSh Producer (ext 209)

    What do you do at PuSh? I produce Club PuSh.

    How did you arrive to PuSh? By car today.

    What do you do outside of PuSh? I’m the Managing Artistic Director of Zee Zee Theatre and The Queen of East Van Isolde N. Barron

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    Club PuSh Technical Director

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    IT Consultant

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