PUSH Assembly

The PuSh Assembly is an open invitation to industry insiders and arts aficionados alike to gather together in convivial settings for sharing best practices, ideas and perspectives. It’s the perfect social setting to connect with colleagues from across Canada and around the world, hosted by PuSh Associate Curator Joyce Rosario.

Performing arts milieus are in constant change and regeneration. Throughout the PuSh Assembly’s five-year history, our aim has been to reflect upon industry trends, take an expansive vision of ‘practice,’ and foster a sense of community through dialogue amongst local and international practitioners—whether artists, producers or presenters; emerging, mid-career or established.

The 2014 Assembly draws on the participation of visiting and local artists and curators, including residencies of two UK-based artists/curators (Deborah Pearson and Andy Field of Edinburgh’s renowned Forest Fringe), as well as a suite of activities centered around the performing and visual arts practices of two “crossover” artists Tim Etchells and Rabih Mroué.

PuSh Assembly events take place throughout the three weeks of the Festival. All Assembly events are free, with the exception of workshops (Fantasy Interventions and Desire Lines).

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Registration & Booking

To attend PuSh Assembly events, you must first register here. Once registered, you can book your desired event(s) online with your Assembly Pass number (different than the PuSh Pass number). Registration is free and open to the public. Register and book early—capacity at some events is limited.



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