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Board of Directors Spotlight- Kent Gallie

November 23, 2011

There are many people surrounding the PuSh Festival who offer their time, passion, 
and expertise to its success. Among those people are the inspiring, hardworking, and committed members of our board of directors. Kent Gallie is a recent addition to that incredible team. We asked him a few questions about his relationship with the festival. 
He very kindly answered them.

Why do you support PuSh?

I’ve been a fan of the festival for a long time.
Innovative, compelling, risky, yet always meaningful work from local, national and international artists, all presented with highest quality professional standards right here in our own backyard.
This festival is one of a kind, and one of only a handful of similar festivals in North America. It helps put Vancouver on the map as a desirable cultural destination, helps define the identity of the city.
A midwinter artistic feast to brighten up those long, gray, dreary days. I look forward to PuSh every year, I support it by donating both time and money and I love it!

What do you bring to PuSh?

Arts administration and production experience in general, and more specifically my work as Interim Managing Director for the PuSh Festival in 2010-11, helps me bring a deep level of understanding of the administrative workings of the festival to the board table and into my work on the PuSh finance committee.

What is PuSh’s greatest asset?

Vision, both curatorial and in a strong practice of organizational strategic planning.
That and the staff – Norman, Minna, Sherrie and all of the full time, part time and contract staff – an absolutely phenomenal team of talented, hard working and passionate pros.
What they pull off year in and year out presenting this festival is nothing short of astounding.