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CreativeMix: Cross-disciplinary collaboration feat. Norman Armour

November 12, 2010

from CreativeMix conference a beanfield of inspiration by Elianna Lev
“The purpose of the November 4 CreativeMix conference was to be a beanfield of inspiration. Produced by Corwin Hiebert and Eileen Rothe, the day was divided into speaker talks—by creative types such as Pixar’s Dylan Brown, the PuSh festival’s Norman Armour, ballerina Chan Hon Goh and Vancouver son musician Dan Mangan—and workshops aimed at helping you maximize your creative potential.

Norman Armour, (PuSh’s Executive Director and Guest Speaker) stressed how important it is to connect with people whose work you admire—for him this included SFU alum Jeff Wall, John Cage, Patricia Gruben and Ken Lum (to name a few) as well as Boca del Lupo’s Jay Dodge, who was the one to suggest he get involved with CreativeMix—and the necessity for the avant-garde community to connect with the more mainstream creative community.
Now that Gordon Campbell has stepped down, Armour is pretty excited to see where Vancouver’s arts community will go. He encouraged the audience to find something that interests them, support local theatre and get to know the people behind it. Armour said you’ll never know what a connection will lead to.
His guiding principle for creative output: “Create work,” he said, “that forces audiences to interact with it,” to have epiphanies. (For examples of this kind of work, check out the PuSh Festival in Vancouver in January and February 2011.)”

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