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What are the different ticketing options?

November 07, 2016

PuSh Passes:

Buy a PuSh Pass to save the most money (up to 30% of single ticket prices) and enjoy the convenience and flexibility!

  • 4-show Pass: $103 early bird / $119 regular
  • 6-show Pass: $148 early bird / $176 regular


Industry Pass/Pack:

The PuSh Assembly Industry Series events are ticketed and can only be accessed by PuSh Festival patrons who have purchased the Industry Pass Industry Pack. The Industry Pass offers you access to all PuSh Assembly Industry Series events, plus includes a Six-Show Pass to attend shows. The Industry Packs allow access to all events of the PuSh Assembly Industry Series only, without a Pass to attend shows.

  • Industry Pass: $208 early bird / $236 regular (6-show Pass + Assembly Industry Series events)
  • Industry Pack: $60 regular

PuSh Industry Pass early bird rates ends 5:00PM PST on November 22, 2016.

Single Tickets:

Single tickets to shows at the the PuSh Festival shows are sold through various partners and box office outlets, as specified on each show page.

Free events:

  • Select shows are free and do not require a ticket or advanced booking, as specified on the show page.
  • Select shows are free but may require advance booking, as specified on the show page. Book your free ticket by following the links on the show page.

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