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Las Cafeteras to Close Out Club PuSh in an Afro Mexican Urban Folk Party – A Curatorial Statement by Fiona Black

January 12, 2015

Wintertime in Vancouver can be dreary at best, often filled with dark rainy days. Thankfully this year, Las Cafeteras promise to cheer us up with their infectiously positive energy, great musicianship and sunny L.A./Mexican vibes.

Las Cafeteras, the favourite sons and daughters of the Latino immigrant-dominated East L.A., create music that draws on Mexican son jarocho infused with the current edgy sounds of Los Angeles. Las Cafeteras has an ability to connect with their audience instantly and make the room hum with dancing and good vibes. Their music has a happy and celebratory feel but the lyrics are poignant and political; retelling stories of their cultural history and community’s ongoing struggles living in Los Angeles. Instead of submitting to the sorrow of the subject matter, their performances are resistant—Las Cafeteras are symbolic of a minority community, raising above, smiling through pain and adversity. They speak for young immigrant Mexicans trying to make better lives for themselves in LA.

Las Cafeteras, 2015 PuSh Festival
Photo: Piero F. Giunti

I started to hear the buzz about this band from other promoters and presenters about a year ago. Their agent sent me their CD, and I knew that I needed to see them live. So, I saw Las Cafeteras twice in Seattle this past fall: first at an industry showcase event, and then at a local club with the public.

The concert at Club PuSh will attract the growing Latino music audience in Vancouver. Vancouver is working hard to promote Latino culture locally, with recent initiatives such as the Cuban Music Festival and Latincouver. Las Cafeteras’ presence gives us a modern twist to a culture proud to celebrate life—this will be an occasion for communal celebration so sorely needed in our daily lives.

Bring your dancing shoes to Club PuSh at Performance Works on Granville Island on February 7, and don’t wait for the last song to hit the dance floor. Hit it when you feel it!

I give the final words to the band.  Here is a video that will give a taste of what’s to come:


Fiona Black
Director of Programming/Associate Managing Director
BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts


Party with us at Las Cafeteras on Saturday, February 7, as they celebrate the end of Club PuSh for another year. You can book your tickets to Las Cafeteras on the PuSh Pass, Youth Passport or as single tickets.