Get your one-of-a-kind PuSh Festival 15th anniversary commemorative tote bag today! Only $15, naturally.

There are THREE WAYS to purchase a PuSh tote:

ONLINE — Have it mailed to you directly (Canada only) for $5 shipping & handling (per bag), or you pick it up at the PuSh Festival Box Office at the Post at 750 for no extra charge.

IN PERSON AT THE PUSH FESTIVAL BOX OFFICE — Visit us at 110-750 Hamilton St. The PuSh Festival Box Office is open Monday–Saturday from 12PM–6PM until Feb. 2, 2019.

IN PERSON AT A VENUE — At our Opening Party on January 17th at the Beaumont Studios, starting at 9:30PM AND at the Vancouver Playhouse on both nights of Attractor, Jan 18 & Jan 19, from 7PM-8PM in the lobby. Jan 22–Jan 24, at PALMYRA, Jan 24–26 at salt., Jan. 31 & Feb 1 at ZVIZDAL, Feb 1-2 at L’Homme de Hus and on Feb. 2 at Triple Threat and the Closing Party.

and Patrons