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Origins of the PuSh Young Ambassadors Program: an interview with Dani Fecko

January 20, 2014

headshot of Joyce RosarioJoyce Rosario, PuSh Festival’s Associate Curator and coordinator of the 2014 Young Ambassadors program speaks to her predecessor, Dani Fecko, now Managing Producer of Boca del Lupo, and founder of PuSh Festival’s Young Ambassadors program. The Young Ambassadors program is a unique youth professional development initiative designed with a two-fold function in mind: to educate and train Vancouver’s next generation of arts practitioners and organizers, and to serve and cultivate the Vancouver—and Canadian arts industry with primed talent ready to be integrated for its future through opportunities to gain behind the scenes knowledge and meaningful work experience with the PuSh Festival.


It’s a great privilege to be leading this initiative. Now in its fourth year the Young Ambassadors program is special to me not only because it’s the kind of initiative that introduced me to a career in the performing arts, but because it is also the brainchild of my peer, colleague and PuSh Festival’s former Associate Curator, Dani Fecko. Taking on my new role with PuSh (and being a natural “keener”), I had many of my own ideas and ambitions for the Young Ambassadors program, but I also needed somewhere to start. I spoke with Dani recently to understand the origins of the program. Here’s what unfolded:

JR: Why did you start a program specifically for recent post-secondary graduates?

DF: The Young Ambassadors program was inspired by a want to connect emerging artists to the performers, creators and producers that visit the Festival in a very real way.

JR: What do participants get from the experience?

DF: It’s intention is to create a level playing field for new creators to discuss their practice with experienced artists – and to give those emerging artists a first hand look into touring a show around the world.  The Young Ambassadors program is about real connections and real learning.  It is a way to experience the Festival up close and personal.

JR: Any last words, or advice for participants?

DF: The program is something I’m really proud of and I’m so happy to see the program continue on! I’m especially excited to see Petra Klopkova who worked as a Young Ambassador at Club PuSh two years ago is now working for the Festival, as the Hospitality Coordinator. I hope for many more young professionals to connect with PuSh for years to come. The Young Ambassadors Program announced its participants today. Contact Joyce Rosario for more information on the program. The Young Ambassador Program is part of PuSh’s pilot Youth Program.