PuSh Blog

Camyar Chai

March 08, 2021

Camyar is a multi-award-winning theatre, film, television, and radio practitioner. As a writer, his work ranges from the co-creation of a political satire to dreaming up allegorical musicals. His plays have been published by Talonbooks and the Canadian Theatre Review. As a director and actor, he has worked for professional companies and festivals across Canada as well as appearing in numerous television and film productions. 

Camyar’s work as a producer and manager began with his founding of Neworld Theatre, where he produced one of the PuSh Festival’s first locally produced hits, Crime and Punishment. He has served on several arts boards, advisory groups, and granting juries and has worked as an arts broadcaster and educator. He also took a three-year hiatus from the professional arts circuit and broadened his perspective working in social services. Currently, Camyar is the Program Manager, Community Cultural Development at the City of Richmond. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of British Columbia is also a Certified Lifecycles Capacity Consultant.