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Sadira Rodrigues

March 08, 2021

Sadira Rodrigues is an educator, curator, writer, and arts administrator. From social-profit enterprises such as artist-run-centres and public galleries to museums, grant funding, and higher education, she has assembled deep knowledge of the arts and culture sector in Canada and beyond.

She is committed to working across disciplines and has been fortunate to engage with artists and organizations in dance, theatre, music, and the visual arts. She has been the recipient of numerous grants to support both her curatorial and academic research activities. In addition to institutional roles, she has kept an independent curatorial practice, organized conferences and cultural events, lectured, and participated on numerous society boards. As a settler-immigrant, her work is committed to examining decolonization and Canadian cultural institutions. She is currently the Director/Curator of the Sunshine Coast Arts Council, and Co-Director of Coppermoss, a retreat space on the Sunshine Coast that considers decolonial acts, land-based pedagogy, and creative practice.