PuSh Assembly: Workshops

Each year we invite select visiting performers to provide workshops relevant to their practice. These Workshops range from being open to all, with no experience required, to masterclasses with pre-requisites.

Upcoming 2019 Workshops will be announced in November.

Bursaries are available to assist with the Workshop fee, please contact info@pushfestival.ca for more information.

2018 PuSh Festival Assembly Workshops

Choreographic Study

with Anthony Hamilton & Alisdair Macindoe (Meeting)

The relentless counting robotic percussion that governs movement to extreme levels of detail and accuracy in MEETING was the departing point for this master class in finely tuned physical and mental agency. Pairing Anthony Hamilton’s choreography and Alisdair Macindoe’s performance and machine-making practice, this was a combined study of a self-devised choreographic methodology and its sonic counterpart.


with Britt Hatzius (Blind Cinema)

A workshop in sensitizing our senses. In guiding and being guided, it followed some of the premises of Blind Cinema in its collaborative effort in imagination, shared trust and how we might join in someone else’s experience of perceiving differently. Where and how do we meet, and what happens when we close off one sense and focus on another?

Poetry in Motion 

with Lin Lee-Chen (The Eternal Tides)

In this master class, Lin Lee-Chen and her company dancers demonstrated Legend Lin Dance Theatre’s renowned body techniques, which embody the idea of poetry in motion. The exquisited choreographic language, developed over the past four decades, reflects and references traditional Taiwanese religious rituals and ceremonial rites.


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