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PuSh at 10: Thoughts From Dave Deveau

March 17, 2014

Leading up to our 10th Anniversary Festival, PuSh asked those near and dear to provide a little insight into their PuSh experience and what the Festival has meant to them. It’s a moment to reflect on where we came from and how far we’ve come in 10 years.

Here is Dave Deveau, PuSh Festival’s Youth Program Coordinator & Human Library Curator, with his thoughts.

headshot of Dave Deveau1. In 10 words or less, describe where you are right now (open to interpretation):

On creative fire.

2. Who were you 10 years ago, and how were you “crossing the line”? 

Ten years ago I flew to Vancouver on a whim to visit my grandmother and ended up  meeting my future husband Cameron Mackenzie. That crossed a few lines I’m sure.

3. How were you first PuShed by the Festival? What do you remember about that moment that stood out for you? 

Being in a packed theatre full of culture-hungry theatre goers—the energy was palpable, and the show didn’t disappoint. What was the first one I saw? Hard to say? The most haunting? Possibly Aalst (2007).

4. What is your favourite PuSh memory?

Hiring and working alongside amazing Downtown Eastside residents who worked in various production capacities on all of the shows happening in and around SFU Woodward’s as part of the Great Beginnings program four years ago. It introduced me to a group of hugely talented people, many of whom I continue to work with on a number of other projects.

5. Why do you “cross the line with PuSh”?

Because it’s a hell of an exciting three weeks. Creatively fulfilling, at times overwhelming, way too much beer, but the right combination of people.

Any additional notes / 10th Anniversary wishes:

Something tells me we’re just getting started.