PuSh Blog

Reflections from the Medley Team

October 26, 2022

By Fegor Obuwoma

The PuSh youth cohort is a way for racialised youths who had not previously had access to professional performance art to be introduced to and strengthen their knowledge of the arts. Youth between the ages of 16- 24 are offered programming, lectures, and workshops e.t.c that creates a space for them in the Greater Vancouver art scene. It is evident that this program has garnered enthusiasm, as the current medley team is primarily made up of participants from the previous cohort, and we are now working on planning the next cohort for 2022/23.

Based on the experiences of Shirin, Nandini, Vivan and Victor, who were previously in the Push cohort, we are imagining a youth-directed cohort incorporating their experiences. A youth-organized cohort fulfils the vision envisioned by Fiorella; the past Push coordinate and current Medley member and mentor.

The mission of medley to plan art events that give space to marginalized communities is an important part of this relationship between medley and Push. To speak on the influence of this program current members of Medley shared remarks on aspects of the program that stuck with them and how they hope to re-imagine and move the program forward.

What was your favourite aspect of the push program?

Shirin: My favourite aspect of the PuSh Youth Cohort was learning about and watching artists that were brand-new to me and that I’d never heard of, as well as learning about art forms that I hadn’t known before.

Victor: My favourite aspect of the PuSh program is the accessibility that the program has given us because it allowed us to connect with different Artists and appreciate so many great shows.

Nandini: My favourite aspect was that it was a safe environment for me to experience different types of arts.

Vivan: My favourite part of the PuSh Program was the small group sessions that allowed for conversations and connections with the several artists and guest speakers that were present.

How has participating in the program furthered/enhanced your relationship with art?

Shirin: My relationship with art has really expanded due to this program. It really opened up my perspective on art and the many artists that are out there in the world, and locally here in Canada too!

Victor: The PuSh program made me realize that Art is essential to a community in many ways and it also inspired me to create something that reflects all that I have learned about art.

Nandini: Participating in this program allowed me to observe and understand the backstage work of many artists, which helped me gain a deeper understanding of art in general.

Vivan: Having gone to a strong fine arts/music elementary school, and played the piano since the age of 4, arts is nothing new. However, as an aspiring video game developer and UX/UI designer, my connection to the arts has varied. I believed that one could not pursue arts and have a technology career. However, that is not the case. After participating in the program, I learned that there is so much to performing arts, both visual and non-visual; verbal and non-verbal. Through each session, the varying artists and guests that came brought a different flavour and world of expression. The industry has so many opportunities for technology-based careers and has major influences on design in virtual reality.

What is something or a perspective you’ve taken from the past program that you hope to bring into/ expand in the new program?

Shirin: Something from the previous cohort that I would like to bring into the new one is maybe a further perspective on how to join or become a part of the arts and arts management. How to become an artist/curator/manager, how to make connections and network in the art world, etc.

Victor: To curate a variety of sessions in the program.

Nandini: Something I’ve taken from the program in the past was the vibes of the group. We played games, ate good food, and got closer to each other. That made the experiences much more enjoyable. I urge you to join this program if you want to learn more about artists!

Vivan: In terms of the program, we will expand the diversity of the sessions, allowing more areas of interest in all the arts to be explored.