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Hiroaki Umeda Photo: Shin Yamagata

Talkbacks with educators
Inspired by the expansion of the PuSh Assembly to foster more education and engagement opportunities for artists, audiences and enthusiasts alike, Associate Curator Dani Fecko has curated a group of educators for this year’s talkbacks. Come join the conversation!

Post-show talkbacks and pre-show talks are FREE

Post-show talkbacks

A Crack in Everything – January 15, Talkback led by Steven Hill
The Edge Project: Good to Go – January 18, Talkback led by Elia Kirby
Cédric Andrieux – January 19, Talkback led by Peter Dickinson
Photog: An Imaginary Look at the Uncompromising Life of Thomas Smith – January 23, Talkback led by Marvin Westwood
Testament – January 25, Talkback led by Kathleen Oliver
Haptic + Holistic Strata – January 26, Talkback led by Robert Gardiner
Ride the Cyclone – January 29, Talkback led by Wendy Gorling
Still Standing You – January 30, Talkback led by Alex Ferguson
The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart – January 30, Talkback led by Patti Allan
I, Malvolio – January 31, Talkback led by Stephen Heatley
Winners and Losers – January 31, Talkback led by Tom Scholte


Pre-show talks

Encore – January 17, 6:30–7:30PM Free artist salon at The Dance Centre and January 24, 25 & 26, 6:30PM pre-show talks
Ride the Cyclone – January 31, 6:30PM Pre-show talk with Jacob Richmond (artistic director) and Britt Small (artistic producer) of Atomic Vaudeville