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Cocktail Hour with PushOFF

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Photo: Jemima Yong; Tim Etchells & Hugo Glendinning

Cocktail Hour with PushOFF

January 30
Performance Works
1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island

6:00PM Performance of The Future Show


The artists and producers behind PushOFF, along with visiting presenters and other participants of the PuSh Assembly gather for an informal meet-and-greet.

PushOFF is an independent, curated platform of tour-ready works and projects in development by Canadian artists. PushOFF occurs the afternoons of January 30 and 31 at Progress Lab (1422 William Street, Vancouver). For full details, visit theatrereplacement.org/pushoff.

PushOFF is co-produced by Theatre Replacement and New Works.

Immediately following Cocktail Hour with PushOFF, join us for a special pop-up presentation of The Future Show. The Future Show begins with the final words of the night’s performance and followed by the prediction, “As soon as I say this, you will clap.” Deborah Pearson tells the entire future in one sitting, starting at the end of the performance and ending at the end of her life. Obsessively rewritten for every new performance (and consequently new future), this Sisyphean task of a show examines the relentless promise of what could lie ahead.

Deborah Pearson is best known as founder and co-director of artist-led Edinburgh initiative Forest Fringe, winner of two Herald Angels, a Peter Brook Empty Space Award as well as a Fringe First and a spot for herself and her co-director Andy Field on the 2009 Stage 100 list. In her own practice, she works predominantly as a writer and solo performer.

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