• PuSh Assembly

Creation with Dan Canham

Showing on

Jan 23, 11AM-2PM & Jan 24, 11AM-4PM
Cost: $100

Dan Canham (DV8, Punchdrunk, Kneehigh and Fabulous Beast) has been building a body of work based on a documentary style of dance-theatre. Looking at what it is to move and to speak someone else’s words, this workshop is geared towards dancers and other artists with a physical element to their practice, and will explore playful strategies for turning found/recorded source material into fragments of performance.

On January 30 + 31, Dan Canham performs 30 Cecil Street at Club PuSh. Click here for details


Admission by application only.
To apply, please send a Cover Letter and resume to Dani Fecko: dani@pushfestival.ca