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Four Thousand Holes

Showing on January 23, 24, 2017

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Four Thousand Holes, Vicky Chow & Ben Reimer, 2017 PuSh Festival
Photo: Emily Gan

Vicky Chow/Ben Reimer (Canada)

Two virtuoso musicians join forces to create an evening of spectacular music. Vicky Chow is a master of contemporary piano, known for her technical virtuosity and her brilliant renditions of work by John Cage, Steve Reich and John Zorn. Percussionist Ben Reimer is a genre-bending wiz, known for his eclectic mix of musical idioms and his innovative use of the drum kit. For this concert the two will perform world premieres by Music on Main’s composer-in-residence Nicole Lizée and the widely acclaimed Vincent Ho, as well as John Luther Adams’ “Four Thousand Holes.”

That’s a lot of mastery: percussion and piano chops and the work of three extraordinary contemporary composers. From Lizée comes daring hybrid experimentation; from Ho, richly textured classical music; and from Adams a gorgeous, innovative work for piano and percussion. It’s all given the best treatment possible by Chow and Reimer, interpreters and instrumentalists par excellence. Operating at the highest level of skill, the duo promises a night of transcendent music—and terrific entertainment.

There’s a magnetism to Chow’s playing that makes it hard to focus on anything else…


Four Thousand Holes, Vicky Chow & Ben Reimer, 2017 PuSh Festival
Photo: Emily Gan

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January 23, 24
70 minutes, plus intermission




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PERFORMERS Vicky Chow, Ben Reimer