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Panel Discussion: Arts, Employment & Inclusion

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Photo: Sarah Race
Backstage in Biscuitland panel discussion

On the occasion of the opening night of King Arthur’s Night, we discuss the state of inclusion with regard to employment and workplaces for people who identify as Deaf, disabled or on the autism spectrum. Looking at various employment and hiring models as case studies, we ask how accessibility and inclusion are changing the way we think about the workplace, including the arts and artistic practice. What do we have to gain when we re-frame our perception of disability, from one of limitation to possibilities?

Moderated by Amy Nugent, executive director of Inclusion BC Foundation, with panelists:
Lisa Beecroft, owner, Gabi & Jules
Sarah White, co-founder & COO, Fairware
Alice Nash, executive producer, Back to Back Theatre
Carmen Papalia, social-practice artist and non-visual learner who makes participatory projects about access to public space, the art institution and visual culture



Panel Discussion: Arts, Employment & Inclusion

UBC Graduate Services Building, Penthouse
225–6371 Crescent Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2
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January 31



Please note:
The UBC Graduate Services Building Penthouse is wheelchair accessible.
This panel discussion precedes the 7:30PM opening night performance of King Arthur’s Night at Frederic Wood Theatre at UBC.

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