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Gloria’s Cause

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A rock musical by Dayna Hanson
January 26 & 27, 2011, 8pm
Club PuSh
Performance Works, Granville Island

Presented with Theatre Conspiracy

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(January 27 ticket includes late night musical act Dayna Hanson & Friends at 10pm.)

Jan 26 Hosted by Corinne Lea
Jan 27 Hosted by Barbara Adler

Inspired by the complexities of the American Revolution, Gloria’s Cause is a dance-driven rock treatment of the colonies’ iconic moments and forgotten players. Warped replays of iconic moments like the Boston Tea Party juxtapose with video testimony from marginalized citizens of today in a layered, colorful and gritty look at the roots of America’s inequities.
The Enlightenment was rooted in the belief that reason could bring a new era of happiness for all. But the visionaries who proclaimed equality as an inalienable right wore blinders keeping the plight of slaves, women and Native Americans out of view. Original music and a spectrum of theatrical tools shed urgency and dark humour on Revolutionary ironies and today’s core conflicts.