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Happy Birthday Teenage City

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With Veda Hille and Special Guests

125th Anniversary Series

January 29, 2011, 8pm
Club PuSh
Performance Works, Granville Island


Presented with Theatre Conspiracy

Tickets $25
604.684.2787 Additional service charges apply to phone orders
Fully eligible for PuSh Pass access

(Ticket includes late night musical act Weekend Leisure Karaoke at 10pm.)

Hosted by Brad Cran

In honour of Vancity’s 65th anniversary, audience members with proof of current Vancity membership are eligible for a $6.50 discount on Happy Birthday Teenage City, on tickets purchased at the door only. Subject to availability.


Vancouver, one of the youngest cities in the world, is having a birthday! 125 years in a city life span probably reckons out to be, oh, 13 years old. And so the teen years begin. Veda Hille and the Vancouver Complaints Choir throw a party for this annoying and beloved teenage town, hosted by Vancouver Special author Charles Demers. The choir will perform three new songs written for the occasion: a song of Complaints, a song of Confession, and a song of Congratulations. All lyrics to these songs will be drawn from the citizens of Vancouver. With birthday guests Geoffrey Farmer, Meryn Cadell, Maiko Bae Yamamoto, Geoff Berner, Laura Barrett, Chrisariffic, and more.

The teen years are hard, but surprisingly rich as well. Let’s make the best of it, and help this gangly teen off to a good start!

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