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Inventions & Mysteries

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Bro Gilbert
January 28, 2011, 9pm
Club PuSh
Performance Works, Granville Island


Presented with Theatre Conspiracy

Tickets $25
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(Ticket includes Marquee act Close at Hand at 8pm, and late night musical act The British Columbians at 10pm)

Hosted by Sara Bynoe


Most magicians spend a lifetime chasing the spotlight, Bro Gilbert has spent his hiding in the shadows. Bro Gilbert is a magician, writer and creative consultant who actively works behind the curtain with many of the best magicians in the world. For one night only he speaks about astonishment, performs mysteries invented by strange men in small rooms, reads your mind and influences an evening of spontaneous miracles.

Bro Gilbert recently directed and produced the award winning DVD series for magicians “True Astonishments” featuring the new works of legendary magician Paul Harris and friends. He is among a select group of modern magicians trying to shift a skeptical publics perception of an incredible art that has lost its way.