• PuSh Assembly

Keynote Manifesto Address – Julie Andrée T.

Showing on

February 1, 6-7PM

Performance Works, Granville Island


Tickets $25
available online at pushfestival.ca


man.i.fes.to n
A public written declaration of principles, policies, and  objectives.
Artistic manifestos can be a call to arms, a statement of principles, or a line drawn in the sand. They can be a provocation and a challenge to existing tastes and aesthetics, an analysis of  landmark productions, a spotlight on seminal points in time, or simply a confirmation of emerging trends, values and practices.

“If there is no resistance there is no chance”

Julie Andree T. delivers a Manifesto which is a collage of Manifestos. It’s homage to other artists/movements over that past 40 years that have had the courage to take a position over the history of art.

Julie Andrée T. Bio
Julie  Andrée  T. is a featured artist in the 2011 Festival with the compelling show Rouge. Born in Montreal in 1973, she is a graduate of Concordia University and is currently guest faculty at the School of The Museum of Fine  Arts in Boston. She  finds expression through installation and performance, and has entranced audiences with hybrid works where dialogue, a series of actions and a juxtaposition of unusual  images are gradually distilled into poetry. Currently based in Montreal, Julie Andree T. has performed both nationally and internationally, on a solo basis and with the famous Black Market of which she is a member.