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Photo: Jorge Macchi (El pasado es un animal grotesco)

February 3, 2012  11:30am – 1:30pm 
Performance Works 
1218 Cartwright St, Granville Island

Eight artistic teams pitch their new and upcoming projects to a wide audience of creative and contemporary producers, artistic directors, festival curators, presenters and programmers. Successful applicants have ten minutes to pitch, with tips from industry veteran Sherrie Johnson.


2012 PuSh Assembly Pitch Companies

Barca: Going West to find the East, Going east to find the West
Full Performing Bodies
Dr. Henry Daniel & Owen Underhill
Barca is a choreographed performance that intersects dance, music and devised theatre. Conceptually, the work uses an idea resurgent in the 15th century, which posits the world as round and that by sailing ‘west’ one would eventually find ‘east’. Collaborating with artists from Canada, Spain and the Far East, the work examines historically-based constructions of ‘west’ and ‘east’ in light of today’s more complex globalized world.

The Inheritor Album
The 605 Collective
Josh Martin & Joyce Rosario
A new dance collaboration between Lisa Gelly, Shay Kuebler and Josh Martin, Inheritor Album will be a collection of short pieces that explore the differences between inheritor and predecessor – generational snapshots in motion.

The Farewell Project
Secret Theatre
Dustin Harvey & Chad Dembski
Created and performed by Dustin Harvey (Halifax) and Chad Dembski (Montreal) The Farewell Project happens on an ordinary night in a place you might pass by everyday. Using camera and video backdrop, along with audience participation, the two performers make several attempts at saying goodbye to the past and future.

PHOTOG. An Imaginary Look at the Uncompromising Life of Thomas Smith
Boca Del Lupo
Jay Dodge
Incorporating computer animation, video, and physical theatre and drawn from the real life accounts of top conflict photographers, Boca del Lupo examines the juxtapositions and internal struggles that many photogs experience between foreign soil and home turf; between privilege and suffering; between disconnect and belonging; between war and peace.

Gathering Light
Raven Spirit Dance
Janice Beley
This exciting new contemporary dance work from Raven Spirit Dance is for three dancers.  This piece is performed in the round, challenging notions of privilege and power and reconfirming that live performance is shared experience. The provocative images, movement and music chart the journey from seed to flower and the parallels of transformation in our human journeys.

The Blue Boy
Feidlim Cannon & Gary Keegan
The Blue Boy combines live performance and recorded interviews with mulit-media and film, and gives fresh theatrical voice to recently revealed stories of child abuse in Catholic residential care institutions.

Antigone: A Clean House for the Dead Season
Small Wooden Shoe
Jacob Zimmer
By Evan Webber, the ghosts of the characters of Antigone gather to perform the play Antigone. One last time…. Maybe. Questions of immigration, reasonable accommodation and the treatment of refugees – terrorism, occupation, violence and regime change underscore the civil war. Nothing is clear and everything is at stake. This is our world as it is the world of Greek drama.

Lost and Found Project
Cathy Gordon
The intention of Lost and Found Project is to create contrasting community-inspired projects across Canada, and eventually internationally, that will serve as both a virtual home and a physical space for the memories of people, places, parts of ourselves, and the objects, words, sounds that represent them.


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The PuSh Assembly, February 2-4, 2012, is a performing arts industry initiative offering global networking opportunities through its specialized programming for the performing arts. It is the West Coast’s only annual international interdisciplinary forum for the performing arts, providing an occasion to share best practices, ideas and perspectives. The PuSh Assembly fosters export readiness, international market development, and trade opportunities for artists in the areas of touring, co-production, residencies and cultural reciprocity. It is also the perfect social setting to get to know some of world’s most sought after curators! All PuSh Assembly events take place at Performance Works on Granville Island.