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POP*TACTICS Moderated Panel

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(*Privately Owned Publics)

Presented with SFU Woodward’s

Moderated Panel, Jan 19, 1-4PM

Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts (149 West Hastings Street)

>>… a ‘commons’ is a space a population uses for satisfying its social needs; it is a space of collective independence; no one owns it, but ideally, all have use of it. It is in fact constituted by those users and uses …<< Stephen Collis, A Show of Hands: Art and Revolution in Public Space, 2012

A symposium exploring the constructive disruption + rescripting of the public realm. We often take for granted the complex negotiation of the public realm that we encounter on a daily basis. We move through the city in ways that reveal our ease and/or marginalized experience of the ‘public’ realm almost effortlessly. Over the past year there has been a remarkable reoccupa- tion of the space of the city, a reclaiming of ‘the commons’ that has amplified our awareness of the tensions that exist in the contemporary ‘public’ realm. The tactics deployed in these bold renegotiations of contested territory have been diverse, inventive, disruptive, revolutionary, horizontally democratic and powerful. The events have highlighted the problematic of how space is produced + used in the contemporary city.

This year, in a series entitled Fiction(s), a group of works is being staged in the public realm at the PuSh Festival. Each of the works raise questions of how we negotiate and operate in public but they will also unearth hidden narratives and alternative readings of the space of the city. It is anticipated that participants in these performances will see and experience the spatial organization of the city differently – the performances offer a variety of unexpected ways into the city narrative, challenging the norms we have laid down for ourselves. POP* TACTICS reading the public is a platform that will open up a discussion around the various strategies that performers, writers, artists + designers have been putting into action during, and leading up to, this moment of heightened possibility. The unfolding potential of the ‘public’ realm to be claimed back as a constituted space that might satisfy our collective economic, social + political needs has been a welcome consequence of current events.

POP* TACTICS reading the public will bring together an interdisciplinary group of PuSh performers, architects + designers, artists and writers – local artist, writer + educator Randy Lee Cutler will moderate a panel discussion exploring the disruption + rescripting of the public realm. For more details on registration, speakers and the schedule of events go to pushfestival.ca

Supported by the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement.

This moderated panel is connected to the POP*TACTICS Keynote Address on January 18. Click here to read more about the Keynote Address.


Curated by Annabel Vaughan

MODERATED PANEL: Mariano Pensotti [writer, Sometimes I think, I can see you :: Buenos Aires] Aranzazu Fernandez Rangel [associate, muf architecture/art :: London] , Leannej [writer/ artist :: Vancouver]
MODERATOR: Randy Lee Cutler [Emily Carr University]


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