False Creek Foreshore Sessions with Other Sights for Artists' Projects

The Future is Floating: Currents and Waves

PuSh Assembly
Person in a canoe on a lake

Long-time PuSh collaborator Other Sights for Artists’ Projects will present a program of sound, performance, discussion and exchange that will link False Creek with Sydney Harbour in Australia.

False Creek Foreshore Sessions (FCFS) will explore these two locales and their parallel, yet distinct, histories of settlement, colonization, migration, economy and climate change.

Informed by the fluid-structure of the tides, this series connects currents and waves radio programming to a week of public events happening around the creek including talks, walks, listening sessions, workshops and more.


The Future is Floating: Currents and Waves

Multiple venues around the False Creek foreshore.


Jan 22 – 26
3 Hours

1PM – 4PM


Free. Advance registration required/opening soon.

and Patrons