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100% Vancouver – Meet 6%, 79% & 29%

December 14, 2010

Name: 27% Serene Mitchell
Neighbourhood: Kensington-Cedar Cottage
Mother Tongue: Mandarin
Background: Taiwanese & Scottish Canadian
Question: What are you obsessed with?
Answer: “TV: I could watch for as many hours as there are in a day.”

Name: 6% Annie Low-Beer

Neighbourhood:  Kerrisdale

Mother Tongue: English

Background: Czech, American

Question: Are statistics important to you?

Answer: “Yes, because I think even though people don’t take them seriously they reveal a lot about valuable information about cities and people that could be used in research.”

Name: 79% Steve Tremblay
Neighbourhood: Fairview (literally in False Creek)
Mother Tongue: English
Background: Caucasian/Kitsilano
Question: What makes you unique?
Answer: “I raised a family on a boat. (3 kids). I also have spent 32 years in False Creek. I’m probably the oldest on board.”

Is this you?

We are looking for boys ages 0-9 and men ages 40-100. Are you one of 100?

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