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King Arthur's Night
Photo: Tristan Casey

The PuSh Festival strives to be an inclusive place for all. We seek to reduce or eliminate physical, social and financial barriers so that everyone has a chance to experience the performing arts. At the core of the PuSh Festival’s values is providing transformative performing arts experiences and bringing the live performing arts to as many audiences as possible.

To take part in any of our accessibility initiatives, for ticket bookings, or if you have suggestions that could help improve inclusivity at the PuSh Festival, please contact Accessible PuSh Coordinator Anika Vervecken via email at, or by telephone on 604.605.8284 ext 204.

We strive to meet access requests, and continue to develop the Accessible PuSh program.

Further performance details for specific initiatives will be added to this page throughout December 2018.

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation & Captions

At certain performances, professional interpreters provide live ASL translation or captions for patrons who are Deaf, deaf or hard of hearing.

ASL interpreted performances:

Endings: January 27, 7:00PM

Captioned performances:

Inside/Out: January 21, 2:00PM

Ticket bookings:

Or call 604.605.8284 ext 204

VocalEye Live Described Audio

VocalEye logo

For patrons who are blind or have low vision, live audio description is available at select performances. This specialized service describes the visual elements of a live show in real time.

Specially trained PuSh volunteers are available to assist patrons who are blind or have low vision get to venues and attend shows. Sighted guides meet patrons at nearby public transit stops and guide them to and from the theatre. If you require a guide, please make your request 72 hours in advance.

VocalEye live described performances:

The Events: January 27, 2:00PM

The Events: January 27, 8:00PM

King Arthur’s Night: February 3, 7:30PM

Ticket bookings & sighted guide requests:

Or call 604.605.8284 ext 204

Relaxed Performances

Select performances are adapted to welcome patrons who might benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment, including—but not limited to—people on the autism spectrum, with sensory and communication disorders, or learning disabilities. There is a relaxed attitude towards noise and movement made by the audience, and adaptations are made to light and sound effects.

Relaxed performances:

King Arthur’s Night: February 4, 2:00PM

Ticket bookings:

Or call 604.605.8284 ext 204

Support Persons & Sighted Guides

Access2Card logo

Support persons who accompany patrons with disabilities requiring assistance to attend a show are eligible to receive a complimentary ticket. The PuSh Festival participates in Easter Seals Canada’s Access 2 program; it is recommended that patrons who need to be accompanied by a support person have an Access 2 card.

Specially trained PuSh volunteers are available to assist blind and partially sighted patrons, and others who require assistance, to attend shows, meeting them at nearby public transit stops and guiding them to and from venues.

Support person ticket bookings & sighted guide requests:

Or call 604.605.8284 ext 204

Community Ticketing

The PuSh Festival works with partner social services organizations and community groups to distribute complimentary or reduced-price tickets to diverse populations who might not otherwise attend our Festival.

Please indicate your desired performance(s) when you complete our online request form. We strive to meet community requests where possible.

Request Tickets

Venue Accessibility

We are committed to providing as much and as accurate information as possible about each venue. Detailed audits are conducted for the Festival venues (following templates provided by the RAMP: Radical Access Mapping Project), providing technical specifications about a range of accessibility considerations.

Please consult the accessibility audits online to find out more about each venue.

For more info:

Or call 604.605.8284 ext 204

Gender Inclusivity

Inclusivity is one of our core values and that also extends to creating a gender-inclusive environment. We provide training to our volunteers and have a gender inclusive washroom policy for all our venues and events.

and Patrons