Accessible PuSh

Photo: Bronwen Sharp

Providing transformative performing arts experiences to as broad an audience as possible is a core value of the PuSh Festival. We seek to remove physical, social and financial barriers wherever possible to ensure everyone has an opportunity to experience the performing arts.

For feedback, more information, or to discuss your specific needs, please contact Accessible PuSh Coordinator Anika Vervecken at or call 604.605.8284 ext 204.

VocalEye Live Described Audio

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For patrons who are blind or have low vision, live audio description by VocalEye is available at select performances. This specialized service describes the visual elements of a live show in real time. Also check out our shows that are accessible without description! Keep reading for more information.

Specially trained VocalEye and PuSh volunteers are available to assist patrons who are blind or have low vision get to venues and attend shows. Sighted guides meet patrons at nearby public transit stops and guide them to and from the theatre. If you require a guide, please make your request 72 hours in advance.

Access2 cardholders and VocalEye members are also eligible for a complimentary ticket for companions.

Download an Info Sheet with a list of all accessible shows here (PDF) and here (DOC)

VocalEye Live Described Performances:

PALMYRAJanuary 24 at 7PM at Performance Works

This is the PointFebruary 2nd at 2PM at The Cultch

Accessible Shows Without Live Description

Some shows do not require live description. For most of these shows we have an introduction available. These introductions will be available for download right here in December, or can be requested via email

Accessible Show Information Sheets

The link below leads to a PDF with information on all the accessible shows, including the ones with introductions. If you prefer a Word Doc version, please email

Sighted Guide Requests

To request a sighted guide (or theatre buddy) for shows described by VocalEye, please contact Donna at, at least three days before the show.

To request a guide for any other show, contact Anika at or call 604.605.8286 ext 204.

Ticket Bookings

For specific seating or companion ticket requests, please call our box office at 704.449.6000, or contact Anika at, 604.605.8284 ext 204.

Deaf or hard or hearing Patrons

To support performing arts lovers who are Deaf or hard of hearing we provide:

  • Vlogs with information in ASL on general information as well as events and performances that are accessible
  • ASL-interpretation to select performances and specific events (ASL interpretation can be requested for non-performance events, such as the ASSEMBLY/IDEAS SERIES. This needs to be requested well in advance and is subject to availability)
  • Captions or surtitles for select performances
  • Introductions to visual performances that use little or no spoken language
    (these introductions give context or essential information that is conveyed through sound or spoken word. They can be downloaded online in December. Paper copies are also available at the box office)
  • Opportunities to volunteer and training in basic ASL for our accessibility volunteers

Do you have questions after watching the vlog? Please contact our Accessible PuSh Coordinator, Anika Vervecken at

We encourage Deaf and hard of hearing arts lovers to volunteer. For more info and to sign up, click here

Deaf and hard of hearing volunteers are given priority on specific shows.

$15 Ticket Promotion

To celebrate PuSh’s 15th Anniversary, for 15 days (from Nov. 15–Nov. 30 only), a limited amount of tickets to every PuSh show will be available for $15 each.

This incentive is designed to welcome folks for whom ticket prices have traditionally been a barrier. Quantities of discounted tickets are limited; you may purchase a maximum of two tickets to a maximum of two performances at this price (that’s four tickets total, at two separate performances).

For more information on how to buy tickets, see here.

Click on the button below to see the vlogs for all shows that are accessible, including:

  • A show with ASL integrated into the performances
  • Shows with ASL interpretation
  • Shows with open captions or surtitles
  • Visual shows, often with a written introduction

Download an Info Sheet with a list of all accessible shows here.

View All Shows

Performance with ASL Integrated 

Prince Hamlet | Why Not Theatre (Canada)

Jan 23 – 27 | Frederic Wood Theatre | $39 | Group Rate $28

Shakespeare’s classic gets the update it needs in this wildly inventive production. With integrated English and American Sign Language, it is uniquely accessible to both hearing and deaf audiences.

All performances contain ASL integrated throughout.

ASL Interpreted Events:

Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools | Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Canada)

Presented with Touchstone Theatre

Jan 30 – Feb 2 | Performance Works | $39 | Group Rate $31.20

A concert, a conversation, and a multimedia performance. Embodying the stories of their heritage, two storytellers give voice to the histories, culture, and climate we’ve inherited.

ASL-interpretation on Thursday, January 31st at 7pm.

This is the Point | Ahuri Theatre (Canada)

Presented with The Clutch

Jan 29 – Feb 2 | Historic Theatre, The Cultch | From $24 | Group Rate From $16.80

This “play about love, sex, and disability” runs the gamut from joyous celebration to unflinching drama. It paints a collective portrait of people whose lives have been touched by cerebral palsy.

ASL-interpretation on Saturday, February 2nd at 2pm.

Youth Assembly

Jan 19 | SFU Woodwards | 11AM – 5PM  | FREE with registration

The Youth Assembly is a one-day performing arts conference by and for young people. Whether you’re curious or passionate about pursuing careers in the performing arts, you can explore various areas of interest through workshops, presentations and conversation. This is your chance to share ideas, network and build community with fellow emerging arts pros.

ASL-interpretation for entire event, registration required.

Ideas Series: Arts + Access 

Jan 25 | SFU Woodwards | 2:30 – 4PM | FREE

How is accessibility changing the way we create, curate and experience art? A conversation with Dawn Jani Birley, Ravi Jain, Denise Read and additional guests.

ASL-interpretation, no registration required.


Industry Series: Keynote: Dawn Jani Birley:  Knowledge is power but my sign language is my superpower.

Jan 30 | SFU Woodwards | 1:30PM – 2:30PM

Included in Industry Pack ($60) or Industry Pass ($236 incl. 6 shows)

Industry Series events are for performing arts professionals, like artists, producers or presenters; emerging, mid-career or established. To attend Industry Series events you need a PuSh Industry Pack ($60) or Industry Pass ($236 incl. 6 shows). If you want to come to the keynote but no other Industry Series events, please contact

ASL-interpreted lecture, registration required.

Shows with Open Captions

salt. | Selina Thompson (UK)

Jan 24 – 26 | Performance Centre, Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre | $39 | Group Rate $28.20

Selina recounts her journey along one stretch of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle by cargo ship, offering us large-scale history through the prism of one disquieted soul.

Captions on Saturday, January 26th at 8pm.

Kids | Liu Kuan-Hsiang (Taiwan)

 Presented with The Dance Centre

Jan 24 – 26 | Scotiabank Dance Centre | From $37 | Group Rate $26.20

Liu Kuan-Hsiang goes for broke in this ecstatic tribute to his late mother; the dancer and choreographer catharsis is our reward.

In Taiwanese with English surtitles. Introduction will be available for download mid-December.

Zvizdal (Chernobyl – so far so close)BERLIN (Belgium)

Jan 31 – Feb 2 | Performance Centre, Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre | $39

A filmic portrait about two people living in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. A portrait of loneliness, survival, poverty, hope, and unconditional love.

In Ukrainian with English subtitles. Introduction will be available for download mid-December.

Visual Shows & Shows with Introductions

L’Homme de HusCamille Boitel (France)

Jan 1 – 2 | Vancouver Playhouse | From $39 | Group Rate From $28.20

Camille Boitel’s amazingly physical performance piece will have you laughing out loud one minute and staring in wonder the next.

Visual show, accessible to people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

AttractorDancenorth Australia (Australia)

Jan 18 – 19 | Vancouver Playhouse | From $39 | Group Rate From $28.20

This rousing show begins with two musicians and eight dancers on stage. As the music builds in power, the dancers increase their abandon until they’re all moving in a frenzy.

Introduction will be available for download mid-December.

Copper Promises: Hinemihi Haka | Victoria Hunt (Australia / New Zealand)

Presented with The Dance Centre

Jan 31 – Feb 2 | Scotiabank Dance Centre | From $29 | Group Rate $26.20

Solo dance artist Victoria Hunt uses movement, sound and image to tell a story with themes of heritage, tradition, and reclamation.

Introduction will be available for download mid-December.

Race CardsSelina Thompson (UK)

Jan 23 – Feb 2 | Exhibition Hall, Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre | FREE

A room containing 1000 questions about race. You’re invited to answer one of them and copy one to take away with you.

This visual installation is free to visit. Accessible to deaf and hard of hearing.

Performance Introductions

Some performances are accessible without ASL-interpretation or live description, with an introduction. These introductions are written by or with the artists to provide any information to support audience members who are Deaf, hard of hearing, blind or live with vision loss.

These introductions will be available for download online mid-December. Introductions can also be requested via email at

Relaxed Performances

Select performances are adapted to welcome patrons who might benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment, including—but not limited to—people on the autism spectrum and people with sensory and communication disorders or learning disabilities. There is a relaxed attitude towards noise and movement made by the audience, and adaptations are made to light and sound effects.

What does a relaxed performance entail?

  • We create a visual story for the venue
    • a guide to the venue with many pictures specially designed for people with autism but helpful for anyone
  • We create a visual story of the show
    • a guide to the show with pictures of all the performers
    • what to expect in terms of intense or shocking moments
    • as well as a complete breakdown of the show,
      basically, what will happen from beginning till end
  • The show itself is adjusted
    • house lights are never completely off
      (there is always some light on the audience)
    • sound and light are adjusted to a lower level
  • Regular “rules” of going to theatre don’t need to be observed
    • no shushing, it is ok to make noise
    • if people feel like reacting, that is ok
    • it is ok to move around and fidget or get up
  • There is a chill-out space to relax if the show is too intense (if possible with a video feed of the show)

Relaxed performances:

This is the Point: Jan 29–Feb 2 at The Cultch
All performances are relaxed performances

Check back in mid December to download the visual stories.

The visual story for the show provides a detailed description with images of the show’s plot points and characters, if you prefer or require visual support aids in advance of the performance.

The visual story for the venue provides detailed description with images of the venue, including wayfinding instructions and layout of the physical space.

Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools: Feb 1 7PM at Performance Works
Check back in mid-December to download the visual stories. 

Prince Hamlet: Jan 27 1:30PM at Frederic Wood Theatre
Check back in mid-December to download the visual stories. 

Download an Info Sheet with a list of all Relaxed Performance shows here.

Support Persons

Access2Card logo     Canucks Austism Network-CAN logo

Support persons who accompany patrons with an Access 2 card, are members of VocalEye, or the Canucks Autism Network, are eligible to receive a complimentary ticket to attend a show. These tickets need to be booked in advance by contacting our box office or the accessibility coordinator.

Getting to the Venue

Specially trained PuSh & VocalEye volunteers are available to assist patrons to reach performance venues. Volunteers will arrange to meet patrons at a public transit stop near the venue, then guide them to and from venue.

Support person ticket bookings & sighted guide requests:
Call 604.605.8284 ext 204

Surtitles & Captions

Performances that use spoken languages other than English may have surtitles [ST]. This can make the show accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing patrons, especially when offered in combination with a performance introduction.

Accessibility Venue Audits

Detailed audits are conducted for all Festival venues, providing technical specifications about a range of accessibility considerations.

Please consult the accessibility audits online to find out more about each venue.

For more info:

Call 604.605.8284 ext 204

Community Ticketing

The PuSh Festival works with partner social services organizations and community groups to distribute complimentary or reduced-price tickets to people who may experience barriers to attend the Festival.

Request Tickets

Gender Inclusivity

Inclusivity is one of our core values and that also extends to creating a gender-inclusive environment. We provide training to our volunteers and have a gender inclusive washroom policy for all our venues and events.

and Patrons