Social Media Code of Conduct

This organization welcomes discussion from people of all genders, ethnicities, religions, ages (subject to COPPA and other applicable laws), abilities, and sexualities.

Please respect our organization’s community team, and employees. They will have final say in disputes.

We welcome all forms of meaningful, honest, respectful dialogue about our programming, presentations, and content.

We do not tolerate any messages condoning or advocating hate speech, slurs, racism, threats, trolling, spam, indecency, rage bait, or scams. Our organization and employees reserve the right to delete such messages and remove repeat offenders from our community if they cannot conduct themselves in a way that respects our collective safety.

We do not have the resources to vet links to external sites or content posted without permission, such posts will be deleted. If you wish to get permission, please contact us directly through email or DMs.

Adult content is not permitted on our community pages.

Threats or harassment of any kind against employees, artists, or fellow members of the community will not be tolerated and referred to appropriate authorities if necessary.