• Norman Armour, artistic & executive director, PuSh Festival

    Artistic & Executive Director (ext 101)

    Norman Armour is the Artistic & Executive director of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. He is the co-founder of the PuSh Festival, as well Rumble Productions, an interdisciplinary theatre company that continues to be a mainstay Vancouver’s independent theatre scene. Since graduating from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts in 1986, he has collaborated on over 120 works for the stage and other media. His career includes producer, director, actor and producer, covering a range of creative interests: devised works and new writing for the stage; contemporary and classical adaptations; site-specific endeavours; large-scale interdisciplinary events; dance/theatre collaborations; and live-remote radio broadcasts. You can catch him on the odd rerun of X Files, as well as films such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Capote. He recently directed the premiere of Pauline, an opera by Tobin Stokes and Margaret Atwood on the life and art of Métis poet Pauline Johnson.

  • Managing Director (ext 102)

    Roxanne Duncan is the Managing Director of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. Prior to joining PuSh in 2014, Roxanne was managing director of The Theatre Centre, where she was a key member of the management team responsible for the creation of its $6.2 million live arts hub in Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood. Her career began in Edinburgh in 2005 working with Aurora Nova and Paul Lucas Productions. She relocated to Toronto in 2007 where she worked with a range of remarkable Toronto-based companies including Volcano Theatre, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Dreamwalker Dance, Acting Upstage, Why Not Theatre, Company Theatre and Soulpepper.

  • Director of Programming (ext 103)

    At PuSh Norman and I collaborate on all aspects of programming: seeing work, choosing shows, developing partnerships (local, national, and international), staying in touch with artists and following what they are working on, and lots and lots of travelling.

    Before PuSh I’ve spent most of my professional career working in the dance milieu, at the same time as developing a practice in performing arts curation. Before joining the PuSh team, I led organizations such as New Works and Made in BC—Dance on Tour. I’m a graduate of UBC’s Theatre Production/Design program, and was once nominated for a Jessie Award in costume design.

    Outside of PuSh I dabble in textile-related crafts, spend time with all the people I miss when I’m travelling!

  • Communications Director (ext 201)

    At PuSh I work with a great team to get the word out about PuSh’s vision, programming and activities. Our department makes sure the public knows who we are, and what we do.

    Before PuSh I was on a winding path that started as a French teacher in Alberta, then as a marketing professional and enthusiast for contemporary dance in Vancouver.

    Outside of PuSh I eat, drink and socialize—almost always around the performing arts.

  • Development Director (ext 205)

    At PuSh I dream up new ways to involve our donors and supporters in making the PuSh vision a reality. I also make sure they know their support brings some of the most exciting arts experiences to Vancouver.

    Before PuSh I worked in fund development for six years and was responsible for online, major gift and corporate campaigns for social service organizations in Vancouver. I have also developed experiential team-building events to engage employees while giving back to their community. Prior to that, I’ve been a social entrepreneur, journalist and creative disruptor.

    Outside of PuSh I write, perform stories and dream up schemes. I’m also raising my two young children to do the same.

  • PuSh

    Audience Services Manager (ext 200)

    At PuSh I take care of everyone who comes to the festival. I do this with an amazing Audience Services and box office team. I also spend a lot of time in spreadsheets and databases.

    Before PuSh I worked in a variety roles in music/film retail and distribution.

    Outside of PuSh You’ll find me chasing down puppies, photographing life, planning my next trip, and enjoying food and drink. And music. Lots of music.

  • Operations Coordinator (ext 104)

    At PuSh I keep the operations pumping along.

    Before PuSh Life felt empty and devoid of meaning (okay, okay I may have had some experience in management, coaching, parenting, volunteering, and graduated from SFU with a BFA in Visual Arts).

    Outside of PuSh I volunteer on a city of Vancouver advisory board, walk my dogs, make art things, see art things, coach, and spend time with my friends and family.

  • Digital Communications Coordinator (ext 106)

    At PuSh I build and strategize our digital spaces and fill them with content. I am the resident millennial that updates the website, sends the emails, and snaps photos for the ‘gram.

    Before PuSh I began my career in the arts working in the communications department of the Toronto International Film Festival along with other festivals such as the Reel Asian Film Festival and the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. I did a stint in the tech world, marketing for Hootsuite, before landing at PuSh.

    Outside of PuSh You can find me riding my bike around, working on a DIY and collecting plants.

  • Annual Giving Coordinator (ex 206)

    At PuSh I manage the annual giving program and campaigns. My days include myriad things, from fundraising to research, statistics and database work, to writing and staying in touch with donors.

    Before PuSh I started fundraising as a student fundraiser while pursuing an English degree at Simon Fraser University. After completing my degree, I looked for opportunities to bring my passions for fundraising and the arts together. Following stints at Vancouver Fringe Festival and Bard on the Beach Festival, I landed at PuSh. Pinch me!

    Outside of PuSh I spend my spare hours writing, volunteering, and immersed in the local arts scene. 

  • Corporate and Foundations Giving Coordinator (ext 212)

    At PuSh I work on maintaining relationships with our great corporate and philanthropic partners, and help cultivate new connections.

    Before PuSh I worked as a freelance arts project coordinator and a singer of many genres.

    Outside of PuSh I am singing, writing a master’s thesis on Verdi’s opera, Aida; hanging out with my three brilliant kids, and plotting some creative endeavour with my artist husband.

  • Audience Service Coordinator (ext 200)

    At PuSh I am the Audience Services Coordinator. Along with my incredible colleagues, I make sure all the report, pass and ticketing systems are in place for anybody wishing to attend the Festival.

    Before PuSh I coordinated the box office at Out On Screen while doing administrative managing for small businesses.

    Outside of PuSh I join jogging races, overcrowd my bookshelves and marvel at tiny objects.

  • Audience Service Associate (ext 200)

    At PuSh I’m an Audience Services Associate, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be part of the PuSh family, and that I get to facilitate the purchase of passes and tickets to the hottest shows in the city!

    Before PuSh Emerging from a history of non-profit administration, I cut my festie teeth putting up tents for the Children’s and Folk Festivals. Now I do hospitality & event production, box office or venue management for all the best festivals, including Jazz Fest, VIFF, and Shambhala.

    Outside of PuSh If I’m not working a festival, I’m usually attending one. Or hanging out with someone else who works for one. Or perched at a bar, meeting yet another fantastic human.

  • PuSh

    Production Manager (ext 111)

    At PuSh I’ve been with PuSh since almost the beginning and what I do there is open for debate. Some might say I make everything work from a technical perspective, some say I’m the party barometer and others that I’m the calm at the eye of the storm.  Me, I say I’m smart enough to put a team together that makes me look good.

    Outside of PuSh The same is true at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. And did I mention I like live music and burlesque?

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    Head Technical Director

  • Artist Services Manager (ext 118)

    At PuSh I’m the Artist Services Manager which means I get to help bring all of the incredible PuSh artists to Vancouver, and then also arrange and oversee their hospitality while here.

    Before PuSh I’ve done print logistics for Vancouver International Film Festival, communications at DOXA Documentary Film Festival, and put in a few “lost years” to working on film sets (Harrison Ford literally flies to work in his own helicopter, and Steven Spielberg is very good with children). I’ve edited newspapers in Japan and recipe books in England. I was, briefly and however improbably, a server at a billiard salon in Berlin. My first job was at Dairy Queen.

    Outside of PuSh I do stand-up comedy and am obsessed with my cats/all cats.

  • Event Coordinator (ext 117)

    At PuSh As our event coordinator, I work behind-the-scenes to make sure our events run smoothly and complement our stellar performance programming.

    Before PuSh I’ve led the coordination of academic events for the University of Victoria, as well as arts and consumer shows like the Interior Design Show; One of a Kind; and, the Toronto International Art Fair.

    Outside of PuSh I seek out every opportunity to see the world and try to squeeze in lots of time to appreciate our city—while encouraging two little girls to find the joy and paint outside the lines.

  • Accessible PuSh Coordinator (ext 204)

    At PuSh I am on a mission to ensure everyone can enjoy and feels welcome at PuSh. I want everyone to be as blown away as I was when I saw my first PuSh show. It all sounds very philanthropic but it involves a lot more spreadsheets then you would expect.

    Before PuSh I volunteered for PuSh. Long before that I was born in Belgium. I was sent here by the Belgian ministry of culture to influence the curatorial team (via hypnotic messaging) to always program at least one Belgian show. So far my mission has been successful.

    Outside of PuSh I attempt to kindle a passion for performing arts in my 4-year-old without further inspiring their natural sense of drama too much. That pretty much describes all my jobs, whether is is by audio-describing shows for people with vision loss, providing surtitles for opera en theatre or programming artists for small festivals.

  • Volunteer Coordinator (ext 113)

    At PuSh I have the privilege of leading the Festival’s volunteer program, helping people who crave a common space for arts and culture.

    Before PuSh I was in various roles, mostly in the arts, I’ve moved people, physically and/or emotionally. Creating efficient systems, writing content, and facilitating groups—it all satisfies my brain and heart.

    Outside of PuSh I am figuring out how to tell a great story, be a decent beekeeper, and make good curry.

  • Youth Coordinator (ext 114)

    At PuSh I am Artist-in-Residence with company Hong Kong Exile, and we oversee PuSh’s various awesome youth programs.

    Before PuSh …there was darkness.

    Outside of PuSh I practise contact improvisation religiously, and eat a ton of snacks.

  • Curatorial Assistant (ext 115)

    At PuSh I support the curatorial team and work on the PuSh Assembly, which includes ensuring all the international delegates feel at home at PuSh.

    Before PuSh I graduated from Tamalpa Institute training in expressive arts therapy, worked as a project co-ordinator at various organizations and before that, went to Simon Fraser University majoring in dance, minoring in business.

    Outside of PuSh I am the Artistic Director of Vines Art Festival, Vancouver’s eco-arts festival which brings together the worlds of arts and activism. I am also the interim-producer of Raven Spirit Dance. I volunteer at the BC Crisis Centre for suicide prevention and spend as much time with nature as I can.

  • Club PuSh Producer/Curator (ext 209)

    At PuSh I am the Club PuSh Producer and Curator.

    Before PuSh I wear many fabulous hats.

    Outside of PuSh I am Managing Artistic Director of Zee Zee Theatre and I am the Queen of East Van Isolde N. Barron.

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    Distribution Coordinator (ext 121)

    At PuSh I find homes for our lonely (but lovely!) PuSh Festival program guides. I work closely with a team of rockstar volunteers to ensure they are found in hubs near you.

    Before PuSh I worked or volunteered my way through the Vancouver festival circuit. I made fantastic memories and friendships working with the Jazz, Folk, Fringe, and Writers festivals.

    Outside of PuSh and work, you can find me singin’, readin’, stretchin’, or groovin’ to a good tune.

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    Graphic Designer

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    Guide Ad Sales

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    Program Guide Copywriter

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    Website Designers & Developers

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    Database Consultant

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