PuSh Walks

An innovation for these times of COVID, and an invitation: walk safely with artists through the urban spaces that have given them inspiration. The artists have recorded audio for walks of 1-2 km, with given starting and ending points; armed with a pair of headphones, audiences can journey through the city at a time of their choosing, experiencing the terrain from fresh perspectives.

Think of it as a form of interior urban renewal, with streets, parks, and other stretches of land given new dimensions and imbued with new meanings. It’s a chance to hear the artists’ voices, directly and without mediation; it’s also a way to connect people across time and space, on the common grounds of geography, history, and art.

Latest release

Ulksen Spirit: a westward walking sonic experience with Jeanette Kotowich

A layered walking experience of land, water, body, histories, futures and Spirit of Ulksen: Squamish place name referring to the Burrard Peninsula, colonially known as Spanish Banks. Allow yourself to be guided by the narration, encompassed in the present moment, witnessing as much of your surroundings as possible, while simultaneously giving over to your imagination.

The sonic environment for this piece was crafted and composed by Matthew Morrish: A tapestry of field recordings, imagined spaces, echoed memories, and rhythms of the earth. Matthew creates visual, sonic, and poetic art with his ongoing Futurhythms project. He also occasionally releases electronic music under the alias Owlform.

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About Jeanette Kotowich

Jeanette Kotowich is a Vancouver-based, independent, dance artist and choreographer of mixed Cree/Métis and European ancestry.  Jeanette creates work that reflects protocol, ritual, relationship to the natural/spiritual world, and Indigenous futurism. Learn more about Jeanette on her website.

Recently, she sat on PuSh’s Advisory Group, supporting the organization throughout the first phase of its Organizational Review process committed to moving forward with JEDI values.


FEATURING Jeanette Kotowich IN CONSULTATION WITH Squamish Elder S7aplek (aka. Bob Baker) CREATED FOR the PuSh Festival’s PuSh Walks Series

More walks

Theatre artist Jesse Del Fierro starts their Walk with a powerful acknowledgment and concludes on a note of uplift; in between, there’s a trip down memory lane, a romantic reminiscence, reflections on dealing with adversity, and tips on how to “exist as you are.” Del Fierro speaks to their listener as a close friend would, leaving space for curiosity and offering sympathy, advice, and inspiration.

Inspired by Every Brilliant Thing by Duncan Macmiller and Ep. 692 The Show of Delights by Ira Glass and Bim Adewunmi. Constantly inspired by Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Jenna Rodgers, Jivesh Parasram, Dominique and Emilyn, and Ate Julie & Ate Jacquie.

PuSh Walks is produced by Ben Lange, Audio editing by Ashley Daniel Foot

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While traveling from a transit station to the Downtown East Side, Q Lawrence recites their harsh, imagistic, creatively profane poetry and plunges the listener into darkness. Follow the route Q takes in their wheelchair and hear their morbidly beautiful musings, which have the power to disturb, but also to provoke empathetic reflection. This work may be brief, but in its density and suggestive force, it contains volumes.

The following audio might contain content that may be harmful or traumatizing to some audience.

PuSh Walks is produced by Ben Lange, Audio editing by Ashley Daniel Foot

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Njo Kong Kie takes a walk through the streets of Toronto, and invites you to share his journey in a place of your own choosing. The musical accompaniment is drawn from the artist’s own Picnic in the Cemetery,and it’s a delight for the ears. Interspersed with the melodic interludes are Kong Kie’s musings on ideology, interpersonal connections, Kung-Fu flicks, ambition, and more, including the true cost of our smartphones. 

Text by Njo Kong Kie except the poem 一颗螺丝掉在地上 “A single screw fell to the ground” by Xu Lizhi, translated into English by Derek Kwan

Music by Njo Kong Kie, performed by Simon Claude, Alexandre Castonguay and Njo Kong Kie

Track details: Moments Cinématiques no 1, Quatrième Confession, Ljubljana, Moments Cinématiques no 11, Sweet, Toujours

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Join artists Ralph Escamillan and Kimberley Wong for a stroll through Vancouver’s Chinatown area. While journeying to New Town Bakery & Restaurant, Ralph and Kimberley share personal memories, historical reflections, and thoughts on the diasporic experiences that define the city. Topics include family dynamics and immigration. The walk concludes at the famous eatery, where you too can grab a delicious snack. 

Starting point:

Main & Georgia, Vancouver, BC

Featuring: Ralph Escamillan, performance artist, and Kimberley Wong, writer, facilitator, and community organizer.

Accessibility: All crosswalks on this route have ramps.

PuSh Walks is produced by Ben Lange, Audio editing by Ashley Daniel Foot

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An adventure with dual destinations, this Walk guides listeners through East Vancouver and Amherst, Massachusetts simultaneously. Artists Caroline Shaw and Vanessa Goodman converse in real-time as they travel through a graveyard and a stretch of local forest. The dialogue is accompanied by ambient sounds—both natural and electronic. There’s a strong spectral tone to the journey(s), with memory and the knowledge of unceded land looming large.

Starting point:

If you are experiencing this walk in Vancouver, please visit Mountain View Cemetery.

If you are in Massachusetts, please take a walk in the forest.

Featuring: Caroline Shaw, composer, voice & violin, and Vanessa Goodman, choreographer

Accessibility: The East Vancouver route goes into the graveyard over a grassy patch and a curb with no ramp but if you enter from 33rd in the middle of the graveyard there is a ramp and the sidewalk turns into a driveway with no gradient adjustment.

PuSh Walks is produced by Ben Lange, Audio editing by Ashley Daniel Foot

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