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100% Vancouver – Meet 69%

December 22, 2010

Name: 69% Patricia Morris
Neighbourhood: Downtown East Side
Mother Tongue: English
Background: Caucasian / Jewish
Question: What would you like to ask 100 people?
Answer: “What are your views on the city? What secret treasures of this city do you know?”

When we asked Patricia why did she decide to participate in 100% Vancouver, she replied:

“This time last year I opted out of the Olympics and spent three months in London, England. While there I participated in my own cultural games: you know slaloming museums, queue jumping theatre line-ups, and figure skating on the popup rink outside the Victoria and Albert Museum.

After two months of comings and goings, the city was getting too much for me. I had overstuffed with one famous actor and painter after another. Mark Rylance, Fiona Shaw, Anish Kapoor, Renoir, and others began to meld into each other. Whatever bright culture thing had existed had left. I tossed out the Time Out magazine the weekly Bible to Londoners.

By good fortune I read an article in the free Evening Standard, Wednesday, January 6, 2010 “Get naked on stage (it’s feminism)  – FLASH DANCE VOLUNTEERS INVITED TO JOIN CAST IN EMPOWERING SHOW.” I steered my naked ambition to strike a blow for the movement, with one hundred other volunteers in Nic Green’s Trilogy at the Barbican Theatre. Best decision I made this year. It was so much fun. I met fabulous women and challenged myself.

At the beginning of this three-hour piece, I danced for six minutes with one hundred other volunteers on stage nude. At the end over two hundred women in the audience came up on stage, took off their clothes and sang “Jerusalem”.

When I heard about 100% Berlin and now Vancouver, I thought yes I can do this. There is no place like home.”

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