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100% Vancouver – Meet 71%, 51% & 74%!

December 01, 2010

Name: 74% Bill Corbett 
Gender: Male 
Neighbourhood: Mount Pleasant 
Question: What do you see when you look out your kitchen window? 
Answer: “Sunshine, light, sky; barometer telling me if it’s good running weather.”

Name: 51% Ethan Krywaniuk
Gender: Male
Neighbourhood: Kitsilano
Mother Tongue: Spanish
Question: What are you obsessed with?
Answer: “Lego. I liked megablocks for awhile but they’re kinda sucky because there are no small pieces.”

Name: 71% Rue Hayer-Bains
Gender: Female
Neighbourhood: Killarney
Mother Tongue: Punjabi
Question: What makes you unique?
Answer: “I don’t follow the natural trend in which society lives.  I am open to trying new things.  I currently run three newspapers: Indo-Canadian Times, Apnaroots and Punjabdiawaaz.”
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