PuSh Blog

October 31, 2008

Tonight is Halloween. Yes, the scariest of scary nights, where ghouls, goblins and Goth kids come out to play.
There are parties to attend, people to frighten and candy to beg for.
When I was young, I went as a witch 6 years in a row. I really liked witches. I would change up the costume with different hats, warts, dresses and brooms, or sometimes make myself into a vampire-witch, but pretty much I stuck with the formula.
Now there’s so much pressure to be unique, funny and creative with costumes, that coming up with one becomes a year-long struggle. Deciding on the costume idea, finding the perfect components and making sure no one chooses the same thing. It’s a process that’s veiled in secrecy.
Due to time constraints and my complete inability to think of a costume that fits the above criteria, I’m staying in tonight (read: given up) and opening the door to the neighbourhood’s trick-or-treating kids.
Is it just me, or was it annoying when you were young and trick-or-treating, and someone said trick? My friends and I would look at each other, smile awkwardly and hold out our pillowcases a little higher. The adult would laugh, then give us candy.

I never thought it was funny.
Now, however, I’ve changed my mind.
I am staying home this Halloween. When kids ring the doorbell this year and say, “trick-or-treat!”, I’m going to say, “trick”.
They’ll look at each other, smile awkwardly, and hold out their pillowcases. I’ll laugh, say “trick” again and just stand there, waiting.
I’m looking for a showdown. Let’s see how long they stand there. Let’s see if one of them does a tap dance.
I’ve had enough of giving out candy; this year I want to be entertained.