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Johanna Bundon

December 15, 2022

Johanna Bundon is an independent artist whose practice includes dance and theatre performance, choreography, teaching & gathering. Her choreographic work has been presented by New Dance Horizons, Globe Theatre’s Sandbox Series, the National Arts Centre’s Prairie Scene Festival, and the Prairie Dance Circuit. Johanna’s most recent labours of love include Untitled Peter Tripp Project (August 2021) created with Jayden Pfeifer & Lee Henderson, Live Duet (2016) co-created with Pfeifer, and the understory (2015) co-created with bee pallomina. Johanna is an Artistic Associate of Curtain Razors. Favourite Curtain Razors projects include Moveable Feast Independent Artists Edition (2016), and Trespassers Waltz (September 2020). As a curator and community organizer, Johanna has instigated numerous gatherings for sharing and learning, including Conversations for Love + Loss (Curtain Razors & New Dance Horizons, Spring 2022), Community Office Hours (Curtain Razors, 2021 -2022), SIT UP Regina: an Urban Mindfulness Retreat with Michael Stone (Heritage Community Association, 2015). Johanna is a graduate of LADMMI: Les Ateliers de Danse Moderne de Montreal (2005), San Diego 4 Feldenkrais Professional Training Program (2020), Globe Theatre’s Actor Conservatory (2008), and has a BA in Arts & Culture from the University of Regina (2013).