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Dances for a Small Stage® 25 – Curatorial Statement

January 05, 2012

By Julie-anne Saroyan, Artistic Producer of Dances for a Small Stage

This show marks the Silver Anniversary, or 25th installment, for Dances for a Small Stage®. We celebrate this milestone by bringing back some of the very first artists who helped launch the Small Stage Series almost 10 years ago, while welcoming emerging talent who will usher in our next 25 shows.  I am really excited to present an eclectic range of dance, flamenco, and hip hop artists.

I have asked the artists to tackle the themes that come up in the Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  There are more than 200 stories that have been told over and over again.  There are a number of versions of these popular stories, like Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty to Rapunzel to The Frog Prince; we all know at least a few of them.  I just love these stories; they are dark, scary and always include a lesson to be learned. 

The role of the master of ceremonies is a great way to thread together a performance of this nature. For this Small Stage, at the PuSh Festival, I am thrilled to have the incredibly talented Patrick Pennefather as the host for the evening.  I have known Patrick for eons. He’s a composer, songwriter, sound designer, producer, musical director, and performer in almost any genre of music imaginable and… he has been on the Small Stage a few times in the past.  Patrick is a master of improvisation and zany antics!

I have invited an incredible line-up of artists that I am really thrilled about. There is a diverse array of returning audience favourites and fresh choreographic voices, including Serge Bennathan, Noam Gagnon, Cori Caulfield, Josh Beamish, Claire French, Caroline Liffmann, Lina Fitzner, Yeva & Thoenn Glover, Flamenco dancer Karen Pitkethly, and hip-hop artist Kim Sato.

Both Noam Gagnon and Cori Caulfield were in the very first Dances for a Small Stage back in May 2002 at The Royal.  It seems fitting they should return as part of this celebration.

I am honoured that Serge Bennathan is going to create a work for the Small Stage.  I have been a fan of Serge’s work for many years. 
Sit back, relax, enjoy a drink and get ready for a wild ride!
As always, the most exciting thing for me is that I can hardly wait to see what happens on our Small Stage.  The possibilities are endless.