Other Giving

Other Ways to Give

You can support the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival in many other ways besides the usual one-time or monthly donations. If you’re looking for a unique way to make a difference, or one that best fits your financial planning, we have a host of options to choose from. And, if you have an idea that’s not listed here, contact us at info@pushfestival.ca.

Donate Aeroplan Miles

Help us reach our goal of 50,000 Aeroplan miles by December 31, 2016, and Aeroplan will top up every mile we receive from members by 10%!

New in 2016, you can donate your Aeroplan Miles to help support curatorial and artist travel. The PuSh Festival can redeem donated miles for such things as flights, car rentals, hotel stays, and merchandise.

Here are just some of the places your donated Aeroplan Miles can take our curatorial team to find the most extraordinary performing arts in the world to bring to Vancouver:

  • 15,000 miles takes us round-trip to the Magnetic North Festival in Whitehorse, Canada.
  • 25,000 miles gets us over to Festival TransAmériques in Montréal, Canada, and back home.
  • 60,000 miles flies us round-trip to Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival in Groningen, Netherlands.
  • 90,000 miles takes us to the Melbourne Festival in Australia, and brings us home again.

Donate your Aeroplan Miles today

Donate Vancity My Visa Rewards Plus Points and Other Visa Points

Donate as few as 2,000 My Visa Rewards Plus points to the PuSh Festival, and Vancity will send you a tax receipt.

Here is the cash value of your donated My Visa Rewards Plus points:

  • 2,000 points gifts PuSh $20
  • 5,000 points gifts PuSh $50
  • 10,000 points gifts PuSh $100
  • 50,000 points gifts PuSh $500

Donate My Visa Rewards Plus points through Vancity!

If your Visa points with another institution can be donated to registered Canadian charities, please consider donating them to the PuSh Festival.

Host a Third Party Event

Help the PuSh Festival while having fun with friends by donating the proceeds of your private event to us. Events can be whatever you want them to be—a private concert, birthday party, wine and cheese evening, or garage sale—whatever interests you. You can fundraise among your peers in a way that feels comfortable to you and donate the proceeds to the PuSh Festival.

The PuSh Festival is happy to support you in making your event a success and will provide promotional materials and support when possible. Read our third-party events policy for more information.

Donate the proceeds of your private event. Complete the application form to get started!

Donating Securities or Mutual Fund Shares

A donation of securities or mutual fund shares is the most efficient form of charitable giving. When you donate publicly traded securities directly to the PuSh Festival, you won’t be taxed on the capital gains, allowing you to give more of what you intended. You will will receive a charitable tax receipt for the full value of your gift.

Donate securities to the PuSh Festival through Canada Helps!

Corporate Matching

Many Canadian companies match charitable donations that their employees and retirees make. Double your donation with a matching gift from your employer. Check the list below to see if your company participates in corporate matching! If your company is listed, request a corporate matching form from your employer and send the completed copy to the PuSh Festival along with your gift.


  • Apple
  • Abitibi-Consolidated Inc.
  • Aetna Life Insurance Company of Canada
  • Agrium Inc.
  • Alberta Power Ltd.
  • Alberta Energy Company Ltd.
  • Alcan Aluminum Limited
  • Alliance Forest Products Inc.
  • Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine
  • Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
  • American Express Canada Inc.
  • Anderson Exploration Ltd.
  • Astral Communications Inc.
  • AT&T Canada


  • Ball Packaging Products Canada, Inc.
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • BC Telecom Inc.
  • BCE Inc.
  • Beamscope Canada Inc.
  • Bell Canada
  • BFC Construction Corporation
  • BM Canada Ltd.
  • BMW Canada Inc.
  • The Body Shop Canada
  • Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.
  • Bonar Inc.
  • Boreal Insurance Inc.
  • British Columbia Buildings Corp.
  • Budd Canada Inc.


  • Cadbury Beverages Canada Inc.
  • Campbell Soup Company Ltd.
  • Canadian Tire Corporation Limited
  • Canadian Accident Group Ltd.
  • Canadian National Railway Company
  • Canadian Marconi Company
  • Canadian Western Natural Gas Company Limited
  • CanUtilities Holdings Ltd.
  • Cargill Limited
  • Celanese Canada Inc.
  • CGC Inc.
  • Champion Road Machinery Limited
  • Chrysler Canada Ltd.
  • Co-op Atlantic Marketing Communications
  • Comcheq Services Ltd.
  • Compaq Canada Inc.
  • Corby Distilleries Ltd.
  • Corporate Foods Limited
  • Cosmair Canada Inc.
  • Credit Union Central of Ontario
  • Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
  • Crown Life Insurance Company


  • Delta Hotels Ltd.
  • Digital Equipment of Canada Ltd.
  • The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company
  • Domtar Inc.
  • Dow Chemical Canada Inc.
  • DuPont Canada Inc.


  • The Empire Life Insurance Company
  • Enerflex Systems Ltd.
  • The Enerplus Group
  • Extendicare Inc.


  • Falconbridge Limited
  • Farm Credit Corporation
  • Fednav Ltd.
  • Finning Ltd.
  • Fishery Products International Ltd.
  • Fluor Daniel Canada Inc.
  • Ford Electronics Manufacturing Corp.
  • Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited
  • Four Seasons Hotels Inc.
  • Fulcrum Technologies Inc.
  • Future Shop Ltd.


  • Gaz Metropolitain and Company, Limited Partnership
  • General Mills Canada, Inc.
  • General Electric Canada Inc.
  • Gentra Inc.
  • Gilbey Canada Inc.
  • Gillette Canada Inc.
  • Glentel Inc.
  • The Goldfarb Corp.
  • The Great-West Life Assurance Company
  • Guardian Insurance Company of Canada


  • H.J. Heinz Company of Canada Ltd.
  • Hershey Canada Inc.
  • Hewlett Packard (Canada) Ltd.
  • Honeywell Ltd.
  • Hyundai Auto Canada Inc.


  • Imax Corp.
  • Imperial Metals Corp.
  • Inco Limited
  • Ingersoll-Rand Canada Inc.
  • Investors Group Inc.
  • Ivest Corporation


  • The Jean Coutu Group Inc.
  • Johnson Controls Ltd.


  • Kellogg Canada Inc.
  • Kmart Canada Limited
  • Kodak Canada Inc.
  • Kraft General Foods Canada Inc.


  • Lafarge Canada Inc.


  • M Canada Inc.
  • MacMillan Bloedel Limited
  • Magellan Aerospace Corporation
  • The Maritime Life Assurance Company
  • Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company Ltd.
  • Mark’s Work Wearhouse Ltd.
  • McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd.
  • Medtronic Inc.
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of Canada
  • Microsoft Canada
  • Mitel Corporation
  • Monsanto Canada Inc.
  • MRM Steel Ltd.
  • The Mutual Group


  • Nabisco Brands Ltd.
  • National Bank of Canada
  • NCR Canada Ltd.
  • Newcourt Credit Group Inc.
  • Noranda Inc.
  • Norcen Energy Resources Ltd.
  • Northern Telecom Limited
  • Northwestern Utilities Ltd.
  • NOVA Corporation
  • Numac Energy Inc.


  • Owens Corning Canada Inc.


  • Paul Revere Life Insurance Company
  • PCL Construction Group Inc.
  • Penn West Petroleum Ltd.
  • Pillsbury Canada Ltd.
  • Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Primex Forest Products Ltd.
  • Prudential Steel Ltd.


  • The Quaker Oats Company of Canada Limited


  • Ralston Purina Canada Inc.
  • Raytheon Canada Ltd.
  • Reckitt & Colman Canada Inc.
  • Redpath Industries Limited
  • Renaissance Energy Ltd.
  • Reynolds Aluminum Company of Canada
  • Rigel Energy Corporation
  • Rio Algom Limited
  • Robin Hood Multifoods Inc.
  • Rolls-Royce Canada Ltd.
  • Royal Insurance Company of Canada
  • Royal Bank of Canada


  • Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
  • SaskTel
  • Schering Canada Inc.
  • Scotiabank (Bank of Nova Scotia)
  • Scott Paper Limited
  • Sears Canada Inc.
  • Sony of Canada Ltd.
  • Southland Canada Inc.
  • Spar Aerospace Limited
  • The Standard Life Assurance Company
  • State Farm Group
  • Stelco Inc.
  • Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
  • Surrey Metro Savings Credit Union


  • Teck Corporation
  • TELUS Corporation
  • Tembec Inc.
  • Toronto-Dominion Bank
  • Torstar Corporation
  • Transamerica Life Insurance Company of Canada
  • TransCanada PipeLines Limited
  • Trojan Technologies Inc.


  • The UPS Foundation


  • Van Waters & Rogers Ltd.


  • Wal-Mart Canada Inc.
  • Wascana Energy Inc.
  • Weldwood of Canada Ltd.
  • Wescast Industries Inc.
  • Western Cooperative Fertilizers Ltd.
  • Western Star Trucks Inc.
  • Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.


  • Xerox Canada Inc.