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Donor Profile: Tanya Marquardt – Patrons Circle Member

December 23, 2010

Every year, as January approaches, I become a kid in a candy shop. I start randomly visiting the PuSh website, wondering when I will get the catalogue announcement. I think about all of the beautiful shows I’ve seen at past festivals and the amazing artists that I have connected with, some who have become dear friends. I think: what will happen this year at the Assembly, at Club PuSh, at one of the soirees? Sometimes the anticipation is almost too much. January in Vancouver is, for me, an artist’s Christmas.

Every January I have at least one moment – if not daily moments – during the festival that reaffirm my love of performance and of the artists and creators who make art possible. The people I meet and the shows that I see change me, they challenge me, they cause growth inside my head and my heart. All of this makes me proud to give something back to your festival. PuSh invigorates me and makes me feel more alive. This is the pleasure that art gives, it is a priceless gift, and one that I am so thankful for. And so thank you thank you thank you.

Tanya Marquardt
Theatre & Dance Maker

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