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Donor Spotlight: Peter Dickinson

February 10, 2012

My name is Peter Dickinson, and I have been a member of the Board of the PuSh Festival Society, as well as Chair of its Fundraising Committee, for the past two years. It has been one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences of my life, not least because I get a peek behind the scenes of all the hard work that goes into organizing such an extraordinary festival. And because I get to work with 15 amazing fellow Board members, from an array of professional and personal backgrounds, who all believe in the mission and vision of PuSh as passionately as I do.

My belief in PuSh began as an audience member, which in turn led me to become a donor. I first gave and continue to give to PuSh because, as a live performance junkie, it satisfies all of my requirements: it brings together the best local, national and international artists working in music, dance, theatre, and multimedia performance over a jam-packed two and half weeks in the darkest days of winter, and lets me buy a pass to see as much as I can. I give to PuSh because the work I see never fails to move me, or to incite me. I am never ever bored. 

Photo of 100% Vancouver by Tim Matheson

Where else, but in a space like this, in a show by PuSh, can one discover—in a year that the long from census is tossed out—the untold drama, the sheer poetry, behind a bunch of statistics (100% Vancouver – PuSh 2011)? Where else, but in a space like this, in a show by PuSh, can the performers, over the course of pop songs by George Michael and Sting, stare down the audience, daring us to dance (The Show Must Go On – PuSh 2010)? Okay, that occasionally also happens in my living room, but let’s not go there. My point is, that when I was asked to join the Board of PuSh, it was really very easy to say yes. Ditto when I was asked to chair the Fundraising Committee—despite knowing nothing about the job; despite the economy having just tanked. Because I quickly learned the first rule of fundraising: all you have to do is ask. I am proud to make my commitment to PuSh, and I invite you to make a commitment too!

Peter Dickinson, PuSh Festival board member and donor

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