PuSh Blog

Relaxed Performances

November 19, 2021

PuSh selects performances to welcome patrons who may benefit from a more casual or low sensory environment. Relaxed Performances can be for anybody and maybe more welcoming/comfortable for people on the autism spectrum and people with sensory and communication disorders or learning disabilities.

Extra live shows are shows that are always relaxed, so each performance of that show is relaxed. Relaxed performances are created to ensure people feel welcome. This does not mean people are not welcome to attend other shows. Everyone is welcome at any show.

Relaxed Performances include:

A visual story for the venue sent before the performance:

  • The visual story is a guide with lots of pictures to help people envision the experience and prepare for it.

A visual story of the show:

  • A show guide with pictures of performers & sets
  • What to expect of intense or shocking moments
  • A complete breakdown of the show

Adjusted Show Environment:

  • The auditorium lights are never completely off, meaning the audience is never in complete darkness.
  • The show’s sound and light levels are reduced to make them less intense.

Suspended theatre audience norms:

  • No shushing; it is ok to make noise.
  • Outward reactions are welcome
  • Ok to move around and fidget

Chill-out space to relax if the show is too intense: 

  • A video feed of the show is provided where possible
  • You can re-enter the theatre whenever you are ready.