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James Long Writes to Tim Etchells about That Night Follows Day

January 23, 2009


TNFD is going great- we are in deep and its clearing up. We memorized and stood still and spoke loud and spoke together and played Wizards Dwarves and Giants (thanks to cathy for that one if you see her) and captain on the deck. And memorized and learned how to yawn with our mouths closed and hold back giggle fits. . we played more games and stood still and looked fierce and looked soft, and spoke the text to our grandmothers and spoke the text to Brtiney Spears or the school bully. It seems we have done it all and it is adding up.

I would say 85% percent of the kids are down with the idea of presence, ownership of the stage and words, will stare us in the eye when they are speaking, can soften or harden up just right when they need to. And then there are two little spacey ones that remember all their lines but could be on mars when they say them. We have ten days to bring them back to earth they close. Its like working with adults but personalities and odd traits are magnified ten times. But no fist fights – everybody loves each other. The parents were telling us how much they missed it all over the xmas break – so that makes us happy

That second chorus! The one for the little guys was nearly the end of me. I had them doing pushups and leg lifts at the end to get it into their bodies/brains. its there – it must be there. they can say it all….. they will say it all but between the games, the creature list and the history – I doubt I could keep straight.

All said what a treat to work on this. Switching from silly uncle to drill sergeant to councilor. Watching these kids figure stuff out. Its beautiful, all of it and we are immensely proud. I do wish you could see it. Seattle perhaps? Either way, we will be archiving and will send a copy. We will keep you posted on the shows as they go too.
Best for 09.

Talk soon
Theatre Replacement’s James Long writes a letter to That Night Follows Day creator Tim Etchell’s to appraise him of the progress of the production.

That Night Follows Day runs February 4-8 at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre.
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