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Mary Margaret O’Hara & Peggy Lee- Curatorial Statement

December 15, 2011

By Veda Hille, Club PuSh Curator

I have been part of the curatorial team for Club PuSh for a few years now, and I’m still giddy with the power of it all.  For example, when my friend and frequent collaborator Peggy Lee (the cellist, not the deceased singer) mentioned that she had worked with iconic Canadian songwriter Mary Margaret O’Hara in Whitehorse last year, my new curator-brain immediately sprang into action.  “I would love to see that.” said my brain, and then my mouth.  Peggy and Mary Margaret have continued their collaboration, and I am so so excited to present them here in our town.  A premiere!  Really, it just seems like the best musical pairing.  It also has the rare specialness that I associate with PuSh.  A chance to see something that just doesn’t happen all that often, something that I’ll feel lucky about for years. 

And it doesn’t end there.  Then we had to figure out who the heck could follow this show on the late night stage.  I’m particularly proud of these musical coups:  on Friday night we have Apollo Ghosts, my favourite Vancouver rock band of the last few years, and on Saturday we have that irascible troubadour Geoff Berner.  I’ll be there both nights, running from my performance at the Arts Club to catch as much of this music as I can.  See you there.

For more information and to buy tickets for Mary Margaret O’Hara & Peggy Lee at Club PuSh, click here.