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Participants Needed: Be one of 100

November 05, 2010

In honour of our city’s 125th birthday, 100% Vancouver will place 100 everyday Vancouverites front and centre in the theatre of SFU Woodward’s on January 21 & 22nd, 2011.

On stage a demographic portrait of our city is created using 100 people as defined by a set of statistics. Are you one of the hundred?

100% Vancouver is a community celebration and involves a live band, a revolving stage, video projection, and the stories and individuals that make up our city. A commemorative book will portray of all the participants.

100% Vancouver creates a demographic portrait of our city using 100 people as defined by their sex, age, cultural background, marital status, and neighborhood in which they live. Finding the 100 participants of the piece starts with a single person. This first person then recruits another participant from their circle of friends, family, work place, or neighborhood. That person then recruits the next and so on for a consecutive 100 days until a picture of our city is built. While relatively straightforward at first, towards the end the search for the next ‘link’ in the chain becomes an increasingly challenging task as the demographic needs tighten.

Once formed and gathered on stage this cast of citizens will be in a constant state of movement—a breathing mass with many faces, constantly re-assembling into an ever-changing series of configurations. The stage becomes a literal human petri dish, as the 100 sort themselves according to age, address, gender, political leanings, preferred drinking hole, car they drive, bus they take, peanut butter preference and so on. A living picture of Vancouver emerges.

Eligible Participants: Target group is aged 40-100+ years old (also 0-9 years)
Vancouver residents must meet 5 criteria: gender, age, cultural background, marital status, and neighborhood that statistically represent the city of Vancouver. You must be available for all rehearsals and performances. You will receive an honourarium for participating.

January Rehearsals & Performance Schedule:
Sunday 16: Rehearsal Time TBA
Wednesday 19: Rehearsal 6:30pm-10pm
Thursday 20: Rehearsal 6:30pm-10pm
Friday 21: Performance 7pm
Saturday 22: 2 Performances 4pm & 7pm

For more info and if you are interested and available to participate, please send the following information to Ruthie Tabata ruthie@theatrereplacement.org , 604 780-7849:

1) Full Name
2) Age
3) Birthdate
4) Marital Status 
 (Single or common-law/married)
5) Address
6) Mother tongue
7) Ethnicity/cultural background
8) Email
9) Telephone #

What’s Next: We will meet you for an interview and to take your photo. We cannot guarantee that all who apply will be selected.

100% Vancouver is based on an ongoing project of Berlin’s Rimini Protokoll, which has included 100% Berlin and 100% Vienna.

100% Vancouver is part of the 2011 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and is presented with Theatre Replacement and SFU Woodward’s. It is part of the 125th Anniversary Series, supported by presenting sponsor Vancity, celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Vancouver.