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PuSh Inspired Paintings – Yared Nigussu

November 20, 2012

The work of Yarded Nigussu came to our attention though Mo Dhaliwal, who is a member of our Leaders Council. Mo won the Arnold Edinborough Award from Business for the Arts, part of that award was a painting by Yared Nigussu. 

After the award Yared sent Mo an email when he realized that Mo was associated with the PuSh Festival, as Yared had made a few pieces inspired by the PuSh Festival posters. Below is a Q and A with this talented artist.

PuSh inspired painting by Yared Nigussu
* How did you come to know Mo Dhaliwal?

At first I didn’t know anything about the Arnold Edinborough Award or Mo Dhaliwal. I did some Google research to find out more about who this famous Arnold Edinbourgh honour was awarded to.

Then I realized Mo was living in Vancouver and thought it would be great if I got a chance to meet him.

* So you two met up? What happened at the meeting?

I wanted to show him my paintings that had been inspired by the PuSh festival poster. 

Mo accepted to have a coffee and see my works in my studio, but we didn’t just only keep our conversation about the paintings. We were both willing to jump over to other important topics, our difference and unity, we talked about the idea of becoming who we are does matters instead of where we come from (geographically) but the good thing is our root is one for all of us.
We talked about being born geographically somewhere is truly nothing and if we belongs oneself to one region or place. Indeed it’s absolute foolishness. But that works in our society, and there is a market for that 🙂 

I wish I were a stateless man. I grew up in Ethiopia, got some experience in France, traveled and spent so much good times in different countries in Europe. Now I am here (Vancouver).

* How did you come across the PuSh Poster? How did it inspire you? 

In Summer 2011 I had been in Austria for an artist residency, when I came back I was walking down Granville street, and I was attracted to a poster.

It was a poster for the PuSh Festival. I cut out part of the poster to be inspired by the word PuSh.

I was struck by the word PuSh. It’s a magical word for me, a word that can push me to think a bit further ahead.

* What mediums did you use to create these pieces?

The painting PuSh is a mixed media art work. For the first time I used spray paint, collage and oil paint on canvas and on board.

These two paintings are a new experimentation for changing my style and it turned out pretty good.

* What inspires you and your art?

Most of the time I will be inspired from everything and anything. Human faces from magazines, TV and direct connections with the people that surround me.

When I am in the mood of portrait all faces start becoming my source of inspiration.

When I am in the mood of cityscape, I walk in the city even if it’s raining really hard.

* The theme for our 2013 season is “Crossing The Line.” What does the phrase “Crossing the line” mean to you?

This is a very interesting title. For me the term crossing the line can be: winning of our fear, first we realize the existence of our fear and we accept it, then come towards our fear and face it, leave behind our fear and cross the line.
Crossing the line is also moving forwards. From the place where we were to the place where we were not.

Crossing the line is seeking for the truth, beauty and pleasure, enlightenment etc. If we don’t cross the line, awareness will not happen no matter we make mistakes and facing dangers. That is the starting point to knowledge and one move forward to know about  our doubt.

* Where can we see more of your work?

People can find out about my works in the Kurbatoff Gallery and my personal website www.yarednigussu.com

Thank you to Yared Nigussu for taking the time to talk to us about his art.