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PuSh Pulse: Emma Lancaster

August 12, 2008

We’re all arts lovers here at the PuSh Festival. Because, well, it’d be pretty silly to work for a performing arts festival if we didn’t deeply appreciate theatre or music or dance or all of the above. And we often find out about great stuff by discussing what we’re into at the moment ’round the office. So we thought we’d step it up and extend that to the whole of the internets. Lucky you, right. Feel free to share with us your own current faves in the comment section.

This week, our fearless Communications Director, Emma Lancaster, shares her what’s whats.

I’m reading: A bazillion things I bought at Powell’s in Portland. Yay Powell’s!

I’m watching: All of Deadwood in order, finally. Yay, Vancouver Public Library!

I’m listening to: The Avett Brothers, last year’s great Bumbershoot discovery.

Fave website(s) I frequent often: Ravelry

Last great arts event(s) I attended: Jam night at the Harbour Inn in Seaside, Oregon. Seriously. It was LIKE performance art.

Upcoming arts event(s) I’m most looking forward to: Vancouver Opera’s Eugene Onegin, because it’s the first time in my memory for Russian opera here.

In my opinion, “the new black” is: Beets. Trust me