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Rebecca Belmore Legal Fund

October 13, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release October 8, 2010

The Rebecca Belmore Legal Fund is pleased to announce that an on-line art auction will be held October 8th to October 18th in support of Rebecca’s fundraising campaign.

A legal battle which began over 4 years ago threatens the career of Anishnaabe artist Rebecca Belmore. After leaving Pari Nadimi Gallery of Toronto, Belmore requested the return of her artworks and payment for artwork sold by the dealer. The dealer refused and Belmore’s basic legal rights are still being violated. Pari Nadimi Gallery has sued for ‘punitive’ damages and lost future revenues. If upheld, the gallery’s claim would financially devastate Belmore.

Belmore recognizes the importance of the case for herself and others: “If Pari Nadimi is successful in this claim against me, it would mean no artist would ever be free to choose to leave. Artists would be slaves to their galleries. This is a horrible precedent.”

Litigation is expensive. Belmore needs to raise funds to travel to Toronto and to continue to defend herself in this action. Belmore’s supporters issued a Call to Action on September 14th and the response has been tremendous. A growing number of individuals and organizations have voiced their support and donations are being collected from Facebook (http://bit.ly/bA6QP4) and our website (http://rebeccabelmorelegalfund.com)

Twenty seven artists from across Canada have donated 38 works to be auctioned in support of the Rebecca Belmore Legal Fund. The online art auction will commence on eBay at 11:59:59pm (PST) Friday October 8, 2010 and close on Monday October 18, 2010 at 11:59:59pm (PST).

This is a great opportunity to acquire artwork from prominent artists at prices far lower than would be possible through galleries. By buying work through this auction, you will be contributing to this important cause and helping Rebecca and all other artists.

Here is a list of the artists whose work is available:

Jackie Alcock

Sonny Assu

Pat Beaton

Gerald Beaulieu

Jordan Bennett

Hank Bull

Judy Cheung

Nicholas Galanin

Randy Gledhill

Francisco-Fernado Granados

Freda Guttman

Pam Hall

Anitra Hamilton

Barb Hunt

Meritt Johnson


Glenn Lewis

George Littlechild

Vanessa Lowe

Eric Metcalfe

Peter Morin

Tannis Nielson

Ed Pien

Jayce Salloum

Ahmad Tabrizi

Jan Wade

Osvaldo Yero

The auction for Rebecca Belmore’s defence fund is now live. Please take the time to look at some of the items because there are manygood pieces here.


Rebecca Belmore Performance at the Vancouver Art Gallery Sep-11-2010


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