Myles de Bastion / Cymaspace (USA)

Ikigai Machine: A Disability-Arts Vaudeville Experience / Opening Party

Club PuSh
Photo: ©Sam Gehrke
Myles De Bastion CymaSpace

Opening Weekend Party

Deaf curator, advocate and artist Myles de Bastion is here to rock the building with a dose of music, moving images and light. Working with the CymaSpace production team, de Bastion lays down optical effects in conjunction with beats and melodies; the result is an accessible, inclusive and altogether enthralling experience. DJ Deaf Wish gets the party started right; then comes de Bastion with an immersive visual narrative set to live ambient, hypnotic soundscapes, followed by a return performance from Deaf Wish.

The work of Myles de Bastion encompasses activism, mentorship, music and technological innovation. He works to create spaces and standards that are inclusive of the Deaf community, and to expand the sensory experiences of all audiences. He is the founder of non-profit CymaSpace, and his work has appeared everywhere from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show. For DJ Deaf Wish, sign language knows no boundaries, and neither does music. Whether it’s swaying to a waltz, stepping to a marching song or simply throwing down the hammer, this artist loves to inspire the crowd to do more, both on and off the stage.

Plus Club PuSh bar featuring beer $6 from Granville Island Brewing and $6 wine from Okanagan Crash Pad AND food trucks! The party continues until 11PM – come celebrate the opening weekend of PuSh 2020!



January 25
120 mins, no intermission



Free, RSVP Required
Or call 604.449.6000



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ASL Introduction

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