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Sponsor Spotlight: Emelle’s Catering

December 04, 2013

At the PuSh Festival, we’re extremely fortunate to form partnerships with other organizations that share our values. Emelle’s Catering, PuSh’s Official Catering Partner for four years now, is one of those. As you’ll see from the post below, one of the many things Emelle’s shares with PuSh is the commitment to providing patrons or guests an exceptional, unparalleled experience.


At Emelle’s we cater to YOU. Catering is a multi-billion dollar industry. The competition is fierce. Not only are you constantly re-inventing yourself in order to be on the cutting edge of food styles, trends and ingredients, you are also now competing with the established brands of hotels, restaurants, celebrity Chefs and food trucks. There is an endless menagerie of who will be first with latest and greatest. A fork wall, a table linen made of roses, a server who is the table, the most organic and rare ingredients, dehydrated this, marshmallowed that, foamed, pearled or sous vide… all of these seem to define who is on top of the field. To make sense of it all, even when you are in it every day, can be a daunting task. The greater challenge is to attempt to recreate it for potential clients who, for the most part, only think they want it because it’s been “pinned,” not because it suits their style or brand at all.

How does Emelle’s set ourselves apart? As a caterer, dare I say, it’s not actually about the food? GASP! I find myself constantly going back to our vision here at Emelle’s, a vision that seems to have become off-trend, replaced instead with making a spectacle.

“Be hospitable. Make every guest feel better than when they arrived.”

Guests. Not customers or future prospects. Treat guests as if we were welcoming them into our home. In doing so, a guest receives an experience far more closely tailored to their particular needs; whereas customers can be all the same. As foodies we’re lucky: what transcends all boarders, languages and generations is the offering of food. However, it ultimately doesn’t really matter what it is. Delicious, yes! In abundance, yes! On time, of course! Professionally executed, AB-SO-LUTE-LY! But at the end of the night, when all the wine has been drunk, the food consumed, speeches (planned or otherwise) delivered with full glasses of champagne, dances are danced and the lights go up… our mandate is to have the guests feel as though it was the best night ever! If we served grandma’s meatloaf or the most exotic of dishes, what defines a successful event is how we made everyone feel.

Nicole Burke
Director of Catering Sales, Emelle’s