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Ideas & Industry: PuSh Assembly Week 1 highlights

January 16, 2017

Image of Joyce Rosario observing the 2015 PuSh Assembly as an audience member

However you describe yourself—whether emerging, mid-career or established; dance, theatre, music, inter/multi/pluri-discipline; artist, manager, presenter, producer or curator; first-time single-ticket buying audience member or ongoing PuSh Passholder—the PuSh Assembly is designed to enhance your PuSh […]

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2017 PuSh post-show conversations: An extension of Critical Ideas

January 16, 2017

One of the keys to programming a successful PuSh Assembly is to facilitate as many opportunities to engage in dialogue—whether you’re an artist, presenter, Festival volunteer or audience member. PuSh post-show conversations (i.e. talkbacks) are […]

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Ideas & Industry: Introducing the new PuSh Assembly with highlights from Week 1 by Joyce Rosario

January 14, 2016

Still from a live performance of Jack Charles V. the Crown

Even before my time on staff at PuSh, I looked forward to each year’s PuSh Assembly offerings as a way to connect with peers and meet new colleagues—not just for the chance of rubbing elbows […]

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The 2015 PuSh Assembly (Part 1): Dialogue

January 15, 2015

Originally established as an “arts industry week” during the final week of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, in recent years the PuSh Assembly has expanded to include additional one-off Festival programming, and reduced barriers […]

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First look at week 2 from the curatorial department

January 09, 2014

There’s just so much to look forward to during the 2014 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival! It seems like only yesterday I wrote the week one of PuSh Festival round-up, and already we are only FIVE […]

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Curatorial Statement – The PuSh Assembly

January 08, 2013

By Associate Curator Dani Fecko Dating back to 2006, the PuSh Festival Assembly has been a performing arts industry focused initiative offering opportunities for dialogue and exchange, for professional development, and for global networking —all […]

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