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The Show Must Go On Cast Blog: Tanya Marquardt, Jan 14

January 14, 2010

by Tanya Marquardt, performer in The Show Must Go On

Just finished rehearsal, helped Adrienne wind cords and then Linda drove us home. I love that everyone takes such good care of each other, making sure we all get home and have rides etc.
We learned the last two songs tonight. I guess since this is going to be published on a blog I won’t give it away, but the last song reminds me so much of high school parties on Vancouver Island, and I recognized it right away, which was so great. It’s totally amazing to me that with twenty-two people and a little over one week we have gone through the whole piece. Everyone is very focused, and at the same time having a lot of fun.
Rehearsing at night feels sleepy sometimes, and by the end of the week I do get a bit cranky (on the inside). Today I got to grab a nap and I think even if I can get twenty minutes in it will help me, because I felt much more focused today. We started in the new rehearsal space – 1422 William, and it was warm even though we were warned that it might not be. The acoustics make the music sound all echo-like, and I think when we move into tech we will be surprised at the sound of the music and the clarity of the lyrics.
I am loving this process. I feel totally ready for anything because as we move from one section to another I am kept in a state of knowing nothing. It’s exhilarating – walking into the unknown – and sometimes scary. I feel often very vulnerable, and at times, the nakedness of it embarrasses me. But then there are moments when I just feel like me – no more no less. I am lucky to have this feeling. I hope everyone gets to have this feeling at least once in their life.
Must email, have a bath then dive into my new book, The Angel on the Roof by Russell Banks. As I drift off into sleep, I wonder if I’ll hum a song from the show….Hmmmmm……
The Show Must Go On is part of the 2010 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and is presented with SFU Woodward’s and The Dance Centre. Jan 20-23, 2010 at 8:00pm, The Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, SFU. Click here for full details.