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Wrecking Ball

November 23, 2009

Tonight at the Vogue Theatre on Granville Street, artists, musicians, arts workers and arts supporters will rally together in protest against the provincial arts cuts. Please join us!

Wrecking Ball
Vogue Theatre, 918 Granville Street, Vancouver
Monday, November 23, 2009, 8:00pm
By donation

PuSh Festival Executive Director Norman Armour’s letter to Kevin Krueger will be read aloud. Also featured, will be Daniel MacIvor’s 2020, Camyar Chai’s The Window to an Epidemic, Carmen Aguirre’s The Duende Is Here and Leacock Medal for Humour winner Mark Leiren-Young’s Arts Puppies.

“It won’t just be a protest, it’ll be a night to laugh and celebrate what we know – that British Columbians care about culture.”- Adrienne Wong

Click here to read the Globe and Mail article Artists fight budget’s wrecking ball by Marsha Lederman.